Microsoft Stock At 14-Year High, Thanks To Office For iPad Related News

Microsoft Stock 14 years

Microsoft’s stock reached its highest price of $39.90 per share since 2000 yesterday. Thanks to the news regarding Office for iPad release. Office for the iPad has been rumored for many years now, but it appears Microsoft is finally ready to unveil the product later this month.  According to reports, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will himself demo the product marking his first major public appearance since becoming CEO. Yesterday, Microsoft sent out press invites for an event in San Fransisco on March 27th and Microsoft is expected to unveil Office for iPad on that day.

It seems investors are too excited about this news that Microsoft is releasing Office for iPad. Office is already generating significant revenue for Microsoft and investors hope that releasing Office on new platforms should further increase Microsoft’s revenue.

Rick Sherlund of Nomura Equity Research has a “Buy” rating on MSFT stock and has set a price target of $45 for the tech giant.

“We expect new CEO Satya Nadella to introduce this as a directional step in repositioning Microsoft to a mobile first/cloud first company,” Sherlund told investors.

“We would expect Microsoft to announce that users of Office 365 [the subscription-based service] can access the touch first versions of Office [iPad, Windows 8.1 devices, and Android tablets] as an additional platform service for no additional charge,” Sherlund continued.

  • smallnad

    Looking on the image showing whole process from the first day gives an understanding of a good perspective. Power start but almost wrong direction provided Pirr’s Victory. Nobody realizes that at the time but something is starting to sound quietly at first. It takes 5-6 years to the Big Bang iPhone appearing. Seeing the bottom after slide down should had been forced them to find the right direction and finally that happens. Good luck, Microsoft.

  • surilamin

    But they will also be charging a lot less for Office, not sure it will bring in as much revenue as investors hope. Office is essentially competing with “free” these days.

    • Bugbog

      Competing with the ‘perception‘ of free. Anything more advanced than basic word processing/spreadsheet etc requires subscription or purchase (even Google Docs)

      • surilamin

        True. Of course nothing is “free.” Which is why I put it in quotes above.

    • SategB

      Though even if top line numbers do hit unexpected headwinds, the color the margins offer the bottom line will still be significant are the are with software.

      Let’s all hope this action signals the Board and new CEO are disinvesting from the entanglements of the Ballmer years to maximize focus and value of a Software and Service company. Next we will see a graceful devaluing of profit killers via spinoffs or offloading to would be buyers.