Microsoft Stock Closes At 13 Year High

Microsoft shares gained 1.6% to close at $38.94. Microsoft last closed above $38.94 on July 18, 2000, when it ended the day at $39.25.  The stock was up today on the good news from the European Union that had approved the Nokia deal without any conditions imposed.  The stock has been up significantly this year on speculation of the new CEO and the possibilities that Bing and Xbox may be sold.  I suspect the stock may pull back some after the new CEO is announced and investors realize that these two parts of the company will never be sold.

Ballmer’s and Gates net worth probably went up significantly on this alone.

Source: Nasdaq

  • FateStayNight

    Sherlund and Icahn are not pleased.

  • cybersaurusrex

    Xbox is the coolest brand Microsoft owns, so they’d be dumb to sell it. And Bing has been gaining market share pretty steadily… so why take the heat off of Google? Microsoft should keep both.

    • arrow2010

      Gaining .1% per month is not steady gaining. On top of that, Google keeps innovating at a much faster clip than Microsoft can possibly cope with.

      • arcana112

        You are completely missing the point: Bing is now the decision engine sitting on top of most of their products. Want to book a hotel right from inside Outlook? A plugin to bing can do that. Cortana (aka Siri on Steroids) is based on Bing. Win8 smart search? Yeap, Bing too. Without Bing MSFT will be in an APPL-like situation: Rely on their arch-enemy to provide Big Data from the internet (Google). If the data hose is closed (see Youtube app on WP8) MSFT is Scroogled. Ain’t gonna happen. Market share doesn’t mean a thing. It is the context around big data that counts. *This* is why Bing’s importance far outweighs any market shares or costs.

      • Redtalon

        This made me laugh, Google innovates yes but so does Microsoft and each company and strengths and weaknesses as to what they devote time towards. This sort of sweeping fanboi statement, is just that.

      • nohone

        Apple has ganed 7% of the computer market in 30 years. That means they have gained about 0.019% per month. And yet, people claim that Mac is taking over the market.

        In the mind of the Microsoft hater:
        0.1%/month gain = failure, about to close shop
        0.019%/month gain = wild, unprecedented success

        • SategB

          Not one rational person has ever said Mac was taking over the market.

          Unless your confusing market share with brand profit per unit ; an area where Apple does have a significant advantage at, your comparison is immaterial.

          • nohone

            You are correct here – there are many, many Apple fans who believe Mac is taking over the market, but not one of them are rational.

          • SategB

            Yes correct as always but usually you are too clouded by fear, anger or delusion to see it. It rewarding to see I’m having positive influence on you.

          • LexiconRed

            @nohone no has said Mac is taking over the market and suggesting that they have is ignorant. Though it is a fact that Windows is losing to iOS, OSX and Android when you look at computer devices market.

      • Johnny Bravo

        Google is a joke. They are second-best at everything they do which is impressive overall but they should focus on more specific areas so that they do not start bleeding out their money on stupid ideas.

        Android- Has no phone that has touched on the same sales or customer-recognition level as Apple’s iPhone. It took hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of models with the Android badge on them just to catch up and overtake the iPhone market share against the single iPhone released annually.

        Google Play – A mere joke when you compare the music and app sales and profits between Google’s app store and Apple’s.

        Chromebooks, the laptop imitation that can do 10-20% of the tasks of a laptop at the same price. Come on Google, we’re consumers and we are not that stupid.

  • Blaze Blue

    All that I have to say is that they better not sell off the Xbox and bing

    • arrow2010

      Stock is most likely peaking because investors rightly believe Elop/Mullaly will sell off XBox & Bing.

      • redtalon

        Xbox and Bing are key to all other platforms, in the next few months MS will unify all OS to one platform for development, they are not going to sell Xbox since it makes them a fortune, they are not going to sell Bing because its in everything now…

      • Blaze Blue

        But you know a good trick? Have them think that and let the stock go up for the time being but when who ever gets the job they just don’t do it.

  • Tips_y

    From the looks of it, those who made predictions last year that MSFT will be dying this year are totally off the mark. Better luck next year? Or maybe I should say two years from now?! Because from the looks of it, MSFT won’t be dying in 2014 either.

  • StarLumia

    Oh please, it has nothing to do with the selling of Xbox or Bing!
    Bing is gaining momentum, Xbox One is selling out, and the new CEO will be a smart one. Media, Haters are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and they are seeing that MS is unstoppable.

  • SocalBrian

    “Microsoft shares gained 1.6%”

    Looks like they gave it all up, and more, today.

    • nohone

      Two reasons: Mulaly said that he is not leaving Ford for Microsoft (a very good thing), and after a big spike in price it is often common for investors to do a little profit taking.

      • SategB

        The reason is the rumor Ballmer changed his mind and wants to stay being CEO, investors collectively gasped in agony and quickly sold of what the could 😉

        My sources said it is just a rumor, thank goodness. The company may still have a chance!

        • nohone

          SategB is off his meds again. And for a little while, you were doing so well.

          • SategB

            I have missed you my little friend, I hope you can find a little happiness this holiday season

  • SategB

    With $MSFT at a 13yr high, Steve Ballmer has now created more value by resigning than he did by running $MSFT over the same period. Amazing