Microsoft Stock Hits A 14-Year High, Up 3.8% Since Morning

Microsoft Stocks 14 Year High

Microsoft shares surged more than 4% on Wednesday to their highest price since mid-2000. The current stock price is at 44.07,  up 1.62 from yesterday, a 3.82% increase from the morning. Yesterday, Intel announced their quarterly results which showed a modest growth in PC market. I guess, that was the reason investors are going behind Microsoft shares. Intel’s PC Client Group saw a revenue of $8.7 billion, up 9 percent sequentially and up 6 percent year-over-year. Similarly, Microsoft’s Windows division revenue decline should have stopped this quarter. However, I expect Microsoft to post less than expected earnings because of the Nokia Devices and Services division acquisition. Microsoft bought a loss making venture, so it should affect Microsoft’s bottom line.

Also, Microsoft is planning to layoff thousands of employees which will result in lots of costs associated with their compensation and severance packages. If you are a Microsoft investor, are you happy with their performance these days?

  • SocalBrian

    The market is hot for Microsoft not because of Intel’s news, but because of the rumor of layoffs. Sure there are short term costs, but longer term it makes Microsoft more profitable and this is what excites the market.

    • LexicoRed

      Yes send wait until the real layoffs as outlined by Nadella’s recent email hits. That will really release some of the company’s value that been trapped in the errors of previous poor management.

      • SocalBrian

        Yep – in a market where tech is getting hit hard today Microsoft is the one bright spot, all thanks to the announcement of 14% cuts in staff.