Microsoft Stock Up On Nadella News; Unknown Who Takes Over Satya’s Old Job

Microsoft stock is up almost 1.3% ($36.94) on the news that Satya Nadella has been named CEO.  This is a good sign that Wall Street seems to be accepting the board’s pick.  Wall Street sees this pick as a sign Microsoft will be more enterprise focused considering Satya Nadella’s old position was EVP of Cloud & Enterprise.

Microsoft has not commented on who will be replacing Satya Nadella’s old job as head of Cloud & Enterprise, although there is some speculation that Scott Guthrie might be a good candidate.

  • SocalBrian

    Meh, the broader markets are up today, Microsoft is actually significantly lagging the Dow & S&P increases. Broader tech is showing stronger gains as well.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      True, but Microsoft stocks are almost always undervalued.

      • SocalBrian

        That’s not the point though. The author tried to make the case that the stock was up on the Nadella news when in fact the stock was under performing the broader market. In fact the stock ultimately closed down for the day in question.