Microsoft Store Undercuts MacBook Air 11 Price Cut With HP Pavilion 11 x2 Windows 2-in-1 Device

HP Pavillion 11 Windows

Yesterday, Apple announced a small upgrade for their MacBook Air lineup and announced $100 price cut for all their models. Especially, MacBook Air 11 now starts at $899 as opposed to $999. There were lots of coverage in the press yesterday citing that MacBook Air 11 offers best value for money. Today, Microsoft Store has reduced the price of HP Pavilion 11, a 2-in-1 Windows device that directly competes with MacBook Air 11. HP Pavilion 11 which was selling for $799 is now on sale for just $599. How about specs? It offers almost the same specs as the new MacBook Air.

Compare them below,

HP Pavillion 11 vs MacBook Air 11

While MacBook Air 11 is just a conventional laptop, HP Pavilion 11 is a 2-in-1 Windows PC that you can use either as tablet or a laptop. Its magnetic hinge lets you easily attach and detach your tablet to and from its keyboard dock in one quick move. It offers lot more value that the MacBook Air as you need not pay any Apple Tax!

Order HP Pavilion 11-h112nr x2 Touchscreen 2 in 1 PC from Microsoft Store here.

  • TheCyberKnight

    You unfortunately forgot to mention weight. The MacBook Air is 400g lighter.
    Therefore, you pay 75 cents per gram you save.

    • MSFTmanJosh

      On no! Not the weight!! /s

    • SaulWeinston

      400 whole grams!?

      Only a complete tool actually would give a damn about something so trivial.

      • TheCyberKnight

        I suppose you meant “fool”.
        BTW, I was somewhat sarcastic.

    • Bugbog

      That said, if you’re going to be holding it in hand whilst using it long enough for the weight to become an issue, then wouldn’t the fact that you can detach the base and use the touchscreen count in its favour?!

  • Hunffi

    Take the HP Spectre x2 convertible and leave the Macbook Air 13 on the shelf.

  • Kruegerman

    If this had a full HD display, I’d dump my Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro for this. I’d lose the digitizer, but I’m finding that I’m not using it all that often. However, I’d like to be able to the undock the tablet more readily–the ATIV is kind of a pain to dock and undock. Plus, the battery life is pretty poor. I’m barely getting 4 hours on the ATIV.