Microsoft Store US Offers $100 Discount In Addition To 10% Off On Surface Pro 2 For Students

Microsoft Store Students

Microsoft Store US is now offering great discounts on Surface devices for students. Microsoft Stores have been offering 10% discount to students already. In addition to that, they are now offering $100 discounts on orders. Surface Pro 2 can be now ordered for as low as $709 for 64GB model.

  • 64GB $709.10
  • 128GB $799.10
  • 256GB $1069.10
  • 512GB $1519.10

How to get Surface Pro 2 for above prices?

Find the offers from Microsoft here.

  • DTM

    Good lord, I couldn’t imagine spending over $400 on ANY tablet…let alone $700!! I’d rather just use my $275 Acer laptop with 8GB of RAM, i3 processor (gets the job done), and an old OCZ SSD I had lying around.

    • UMovies

      that’s good it that works for you but my 500 laptop computer and its 1ts less than 1080p screen isnt gonna cut it no more. , plus now a days you look silly carrying a laptop to a bar or something like that a tablet is just so convenient,, and even a laptop isn’t really a desktop replacement, not because of speed as you can even get decent spects in tablets now, but most people still have a desktop to do serious work with say a 27 inch monitor , and a full size keyboard and mouse. the surface can do all the above, it can be used as tablet, laptop, and desktop replacement, ive seen video with several monitors hooked up to it via a dock. and the biggest is its 1080p. But the surface 3 is gonna be 2k or 4k.