Microsoft Stores To Sell 8-inch Dell Venue Pro For Only $99! (Video)

12 Days of Deals

Microsoft is embarking on a new promotion called the “12 Days of Deals,” in which it will have a crazy deal for each of the next 12 days.  The first deal, which starts this Monday, will be the Dell Venue Pro for only $99!   However, that deal will be only for the first 20 customers that physically go to the Microsoft Store.  For everyone else, Microsoft is offering the Dell tablet for $199, still a $100 savings off the full retail price.

I’m looking forward to seeing the next 11 deals.  Will you be picking up a Dell? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Microsoft

  • Bugbog

    No love for the UK though! I ordered the device from Dell’s UK site, was initially pushed back three times! Finally ships, expecting next day delivery, discover that it’s shipping from China direct!!

    Dell, Dell, Dell! When you launch a product, it should launch WITHIN the country itself! Not mutable, soft day launches with ever-shifting delivery dates! It took a whole month between being available in the US and being available to Order in the UK!

    All these OEM’s are fumbling the 8″ tab Ball. They’ve basically been given a template to produce (probably by Intel or MS) and they still can’t deliver! I was in John Lewis the other day, and all the iPads and [crappy] Android tablets were on display, together with Microsoft Surface devices, Kindle tablets and even Nokia’s 2520.

    But.not.a.single.8″ OEM product in sight! **SMH**

  • jaylyric

    I just snagged 2 Surface RTs,and a Nokia Lumia 1520.. Missed the 520. Now you go and do this?!! Guess I’ll get the card prepared to be swiped yet again!! *sigh* :)

  • cybersaurusrex

    I don’t really need one of these, but if their regular price was $149 I’d buy one anyway. Surely, the $99 supply will sellout almost instantly… so the real price is $199… which is still a great price, but it’s not a steal… well, not for a device that I don’t really need. I prefer larger tablets (like my Surface RT). But if they lowered it to $149 with unlimited supply, I’d definitely buy one.

  • cb3431

    I’ll pass considering the problems I’ve had with other Dell products. It would be a different story if Dell stood behind their products. I don’t think it’s too much to expect a “premium” laptop to last longer than a year.