Microsoft Stores To Sell INSTEON Home Automation And Control Technology Products From June

Insteon Home Automation App

INSTEON, one of the best-selling home automation and control technology, yesterday announced that an enhanced version of its INSTEON app will be available for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 devices as of June 1, 2014. The upcoming INSTEON app for Windows 8.1 will feature the following,

  • Visitor Mode – provides restricted access to children or guests in your home
  • Live Tiles get status on multiple devices directly on your Windows 8.1 Start screen (not currently available on Windows Phone 8)
  • Enhanced Camera Support view multiple cameras at once, view full-screen, and camera support without the need of an INSTEON Hub
  • Multi-House Support – enables you to control multiple homes or businesses from a single account
  • Dashboard View – a quick and organized view of the status of your home

Also, starting June 1, 2014, INSTEON connected home products will be available for purchase on and by early July they will be available in most Microsoft Stores across the U.S., marking Microsoft’s retail entry into the connected home market.

Microsoft Stores, in a continuing effort to provide choice, value and service for its customers, will offer a range of INSTEON products, including three unique kits — a Starter Kit, Home Kit and Business Kit — and five standalone devices, including the INSTEON Leak Sensor, Open/Close Sensor, LED Bulb, On/Off Module and Wireless Wi-Fi Camera. Prices will range from $29.99 to $79.99, with kits starting at $199.

  • JonD

    Does “camera support without the need of an INSTEON Hub” mean you can connect the camera directly to your device? Giving you the option to take the camera with you as a portable baby monitor??

  • Schooner1984

    Hmm, I was just ready to look at SmartThings. Primarily because it has IFTTT integration, and an app. Guess I will wait a few more months, I won’t be back to WinPhone until the new 8.1 devices arrive – hurry up already (my iPhone 5 is killing me).