Microsoft Surface 2 Went On Sale Early In The UK, Later Withdrawn From Sale

Surface 2 SilverMicrosoft is beginning the sales of next generation Surface devices, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 from Oct 22nd. Since the launch is few days away, retailers in launch countries has already been receiving units from Microsoft to put on sale on Oct 22nd. However, retailer Argos listed the Surface 2 tablets on its own website allowing customers to purchase them online and pick them up in store. People were able to buy the device yesterday even though the device is launch in on Oct 22nd.

After realizing their mistake, Argos has now removed Surface from the sales listings. Their response on this incident,

 “We fully comply with embargos issued by our suppliers and have withdrawn the Microsoft Surface 2 from sale with immediate effect. We are working with Microsoft to investigate this error as a matter of urgency.”

Source: The Verge

  • David van der Zande

    You can get them at Staples right now. In the Netherlands.