Microsoft Surface already available at Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and


Just a day after Microsoft announcement of expanded retail availability of the Microsoft Surface in US and Australia, the Windows RT tablet has already become available online in the two countries.

WPDownunder reports the Windows RT tablet will be available in store and online at Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi, with Harvey Norman having the device available online and in store by the 14th.

In USA the device is already available online on Staples.

Of course having the device actually available in store is what it is really about, allowing buyers to actually fondle the device before shelling out.

Microsoft has not announced the expansion of the device to other countries yet, but we can only hope it will happen soon.

Thanks Filipe for the tip.

  • birger

    Microsoft has announced in Norway it will be available here after christmas, and there is no Microsoft stores in this country… So I guess January it will be available elsewhere…

  • inyourbase

    now MSFT need to pay to have prominent store positioning, and not lumped in with other tech, just like iPad gets (except Apple get that for free)

  • NGM123

    The cheapest one is still $61 more here in Aus than a Toshiba laptop with 4GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive and USB 3. I just don’t get it…….and it comes with a proper keyboard…… and its a fully functioning computer O-o