Microsoft Surface beats Google Nexus 7 in Laptop Magazine Play-off


image readers would be familiar with Laptop Magazine’s play-offs, in which Windows Phone fans have multiple times seen off the Android fan boys.

While such contests are fun it is actually more rewarding to see the Microsoft  product win without the assistance of our hundreds of thousands of readers.

This was the case most recently in the Laptop Magazine Tablet World Series, during which the Microsoft Surface handily beat the much cheaper Google Nexus 7 Android tablet.

The next stage will pit the Windows RT tablet against either the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or Asus Transformer Pad, but I suspect given the general performance of Android tablets in the market the Mercedes of tablets will not have any problem dominating again.

Thanks Jacopo for the tip.

  • Mr.InTernaTionaL

    Great and wonderful….

  • andlee

    Yeah if this has been put in wpcentral or wmpoweruser, I think Surface would have win by many thousands

  • Bugbog

    They may be in the same category, but they definitely aren’t in the same class!

  • The__Truth__Hurts


    “Minis” should be compared to “Minis”.

    “Maxis” should be compared to “Maxis”.

    I would in a heartbeat buy a Nexus 7 and also a Surface. They are in two complete different classes, if not even category.

  • h3man