Microsoft Surface Devices Sales Are Now Above Google Nexus Sales In The UK Tablet Market

According to market research firm Canalys, Microsoft is now at 4th place in the UK tablet market with their Surface devices. Apple, Samsung and Amazon are above them and Google Nexus devices is following them in sales. Microsoft sold 71,540 units in the quarter, up 27.1 per cent on a year earlier, to grab a 3.3 per cent market share. Out of which, 58 per cent of these units were of the ARM-powered RT version with the Surface Pro devices comprising the rest.

Canalys senior analyst Tim Coulling reckons channel partners helped Microsoft shift more devices, but added that weakness in consumer spending was hitting the Surface less dramatically than others. “There is more of a commercial opportunity for Surface,” he told The Channel, “plus Microsoft has a channel programme and is putting units into Authorised Device Resellers (ADRs)”.

Relegated to fifth spot by Microsoft, Google struggled to gain traction, with sales dropping nearly 80 per cent to a little over 42,000 units. This may be that the product was refreshed in the third-quarter when there was a sales peak, said the analyst.

Microsoft last week announced the Surface Pro 3 device and it is going on sale from next month. Microsoft has already revealed that they are seeing strong demand for Surface Pro 3 from businesses and the sales should further grow the coming months leading to increased market share.

Source: The Channel

  • NGM123

    No one would ever buy a Nexus if they tried a Surface first, the Surface represents a quantum leap in every way when compared to the Nexus, which is nothing more than a glorified large phone that doesn’t make phone calls.

  • Rikkirik

    Nexus is pure crap.

  • tofferne

    I’m sure the future will be great for Surface tablets, it’s really a great tablet, now we are just waiting for Surface 3 in 12 inch. Later there will probably be a Surface 3 in the 10.6 inch edition. I have the Surface 2 and I love this tablet, a really good device. Microsoft really develop everything in these months.

    • VeetQZ

      I am not so sure, see they only ship less then 25,000 per month. It makes me concerned they are going to drop the line if the can even sell a million a year.

  • Kai

    Surface Pro 3 is competing with laptops rather than tablets, I’m all for it 😉

    • Rikkirik

      Well people are replacing their laptops and tablet with a SP3. That’s what people do not realise. Surface Pro devices, even the first generation, are replacing tablets and laptops. SP devices are two in one devices.

  • thelondonthing

    SHIPMENTS. The article you linked to talks about SHIPMENTS to retailers not sales to end-users.

    Maybe you should have read it properly before writing such a misleading article yourself.

  • Rikkirik

    Microsoft has one big edge above Google, Samsung and Amazon when it comes to tablet market and growth potential. That edge is the enterprise and business market. This is a more stable growth market than the consumer market. So when growth stagnates on the consumer side, Microsoft still sells and profits from the enterprise market. Nonwindows products do not sell well in the enterprise market.

    • VeetQZ

      I would like to agree with you but sadly that is not an accurate statement:

      The iPhone is used in 97% of the Fortune 500, and 91% of the Global 500, and iPad is used in 98% of the Fortune 500 and 93% of the Global 500 […] 90% of tablet activations in corporations are iPads. And 95% of total app activations were on iOS …