Microsoft Surface Experience Stores are now open all over the world


Microsoft surfaceMicrosoft clearly thinks the Surface tablet will sell itself once punters have a hands-on with it.

They have opened up Surface Experience Stores where people can see and have hands-ons with the devices in Australia, Germany, UK and France, with locations in USA coming later.

The full list of locations are:



United Kingdom


Will any of our readers be making the trip? Let us know below.

Thanks KustomAU for the tip.

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  • Jon

    “All over the World”… hmmm I wouldn’t put it that way 😉

  • thepyro

    But only with surface?

  • NegLewis

    if (Countries.Count >= 4) WWWorld = true;

    • JNate

      loool +1

  • Alex F.

    Ha, not a single UK one outside London – and all in areas where hipsters / yuppies congregate.

  • gopi krishna

    where is INDIA ?

  • Vincent Haakmat

    You forgot to mention the 4 provinces in China that it is being sold also

  • vangrieg

    That’s one strange definition of “all over the world” as far as I’m concerned.

  • Neo


  • brad


  • Kitab

    “…All over the World…”?
    When will the Surface surface in Scandinavia, M$, with dedicated touch/type cover keyboards? Still waiting. Wish I was a commie:):):)

  • BC

    I went and saw the surface rt today. loved it. however, the price is the big killer. the speed, lack of Win 8 apps, and reduced desktop functionality unfortunately was enough to let me walk away without purchase. :-( I guess I will wait for surface pro, but will likely be disappointed by the inflated price there as well. damn! just $100 cheaper and I would be enjoying the rt now and the pro later.

  • Gaz Wkd

    Places exist in the U.K apart from London Microsoft.. jeez….

  • Nicandro Filho

    Three european countries, and one of Oceania (!!)…

    That is a Small World!

  • Michelleluo

    Hi I would visit this store Paris, galeries lafayette paris haussmann… can I know locate which store or address? Do they sell Microsoft surface pro 2?