Microsoft Surface in Blue and White spotted on design video




Besides the colourful touch cover and type cover, the Microsoft Surface tablet adopts Henry Ford’s strategy – any colour as long as it is black.

Sharp-eyed reader Randy however noticed this altogether more colourful version in the background, looking like a blue device with a white rim.

Now of course this picture may simply be of a rapid prototype, but that kick stand probably does not work very well if made out of plastic, suggesting we may be looking at potential colour options for Surface in the future, an area where Microsoft with the Zune devices often chose to differentiate.

The scene above can be seen at around the 8 second mark in this video from the design of the tablet here.

Thanks Randy for the tip

  • Ocelotty1

    Looks really nice.

  • WPSteely

    You can see it even better around the 31 second mark…

    • Asgardi

      I tried some Android tablets today at a store and MS has very good chance here. Android tablets are sluggish and have almost no apps, event the built in apps are crap and there are not many. Microsoft has already better apps in W8 Metro and of course the ability to run any existing Windows apps makes the platform great already.

    • VHMP01

      And at 1:08 too.

  • Massimo Buongiorno

    it should be a prototype….

    • Abid Din

      There is no real surface tablet yet. The one they showed at the keynote was also a prototype.

  • Henrik

    I’m pretty sure it’s a prototype too, probably not even made of magnesium. But imagine a completely white magnesium version … it would almost trump the white Lumia 800/900. Drool factor x10.

    • Bugbog

       White? Meh! :)

      • Henrik

        Well, I’m not talking about a paintjob or the whiteness of the iPhone. I’m talking about white metallic (almost champagne/silverish) :-) Kind of like Acer’s new Windows 8 tablet/slate, but even more refined. I would get one 😉

        • Bugbog

           Not denigrating your choice/desire amigo; was just being tongue-in-cheek about it! :)

  • Bugbog

    I think they’ll probably leave the ‘all’ Lumia blue to Nokia, as a bone! Especially given the fact the the ‘lumia blue’ works well as touch cover only!

  • Qbitware

    ME WANTS SURFACE!!! (both models of course…)

  • alukard

    I just want one NOW whatever the colour.

  • Raygun

    I love my lumia 900, but I really want the pro version of the Surface, and a win 8 phone to match it. 

  • narmez

    i want blue surface and blue windows phone 8 from Nokia