Microsoft Surface ‘Mini’ Delayed Till Spring 2014?

Surface Mini Concept Render
Surface Mini Concept Render

Just few hours ago, we reported some new information regarding the upcoming Surface ‘mini’ tablet from Microsoft. There is a new information from ZDNet that Surface Mini won’t be released until Sprint 2014. According to Mary Jo Foley, the Surface Mini is coming, but not in calendar 2013 and she expects Surface Mini in early 2014. She also reported that the Surface Mini is going to come preloaded with a Windows 8.1 update, that is codenamed “Spring 2014 GDR.”

The Spring 2014 GDR for Windows 8.1 will align with Windows Phone “Blue,” which may or may not be called Windows Phone 8.1 when it ships, according to my sources. Whatever it’s called, it will be the first “major” update for Windows Phone since Microsoft rolled out Windows Phone 8 in fall 2012.

If the new cross-divisional operating system division at Microsoft can pull this off, Microsoft will launch Windows 8.1 Spring 2014 GDR, Windows Phone Blue and the Surface Mini on or around the same time in spring 2014.

In the morning we reported that Surface Mini is expected to have a 7.5-inch display with a 4:3 aspect ratio, 1,400×1,050 resolution display,  3G/4G capability with price less than $449.

Source: ZDNET

  • Yuan Taizong

    Well, there seems to be a global trend of larger phones and smaller Tablet-P.C.’s, so going with the trend could (would) boost sales, but the problem with Windows Phone has always been that it’s too much emphisized at smaller screens and with Windows it’s that it’s centric at larger screens (which is why Windows C.E. was used for mobile devices before Windows N.T. was developed for Windows Phone 8), Microsoft must really fuse both platforms into a larger platform, so they can sell everything from 5 inch phones to 60 inch T.V.’s.

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