Microsoft Surface Pricing And Availability To Be Announced Later Today

Microsoft kicked off its marketing campaign for its upcoming Windows 8 tablet Surface yesterday night. In case you missed it, you can watch it here. This ad was aired on TV during Monday Night Football and Dancing with the Stars in US. Now, Paul Thurrott of Winsupersite is reporting that pricing and availability announcement of Surface will be made on today(10/16).

Will Microsoft begin the pre-orders for Microsoft Surface today along with pricing and availability announcement? I hope so!

Source: Winsupersite

  • Mike E. Delta

    Hmmm…CAN’T WAIT!!! =p

  • gullygod

    Wow dude you not going to give me credit for sending this tip to you guys?

    • Sunovavic

      Good job! And thanks for the tip!

    • Jitendra Singh

      Thanks for the tip dude !!

  • Anthony IamTiger Lee

    Im guessing $349.00 for Surface RT…

    • B_Sack

      Hoping thats the price, but I’ll still buy it at $399.

      • Wheez

        Funny.. I’d pay up to 600€ for Surface RT, and tbh seeing European and finnish pricing, it’s not even ruled out I’ll have to pay that much. In these things direct conversion never really work, but that would be like 780$ 😛

        Luckily we dont really pay anything in compared to US customers for our cellular contracts, your prices in them are totally ridicilously high. We pay like 10€ for what you pay even over 100$ a month.

        But yea, really waiting to hear US prices (well, global prices would be great too, but too optimistic :D), usually at the very minimum there is no conversion but just change of the currency character.. so if something costs 400$ in the US, it’s a minimum 400€ in Europe, that would be a great deal for me 😛

        • B_Sack

          Well I still bought it at $499 as its still reasonable. $399 would have been sweet though 😮

  • Sunovavic

    But today is still 11/15 11:30 PM! Anyways… got all my fingers crossed for lower price.

  • schwarzewolke

    349 would be awesome .

  • Brick Potato

    Ill pay 899… Jussayin

  • grs_dev

    Mashable is already running ads saying pre-order the surface. When I click on the ad it takes me to the MS Store and a learn more about the surface. Kinda lame but at 3:30 AM EST. I guess they are just gearing up I suppose.

  • blackhawk556

    Honestly, $399 is what it should cost. They seriously can’t compete with the iPad at $499 iPad has momentum AND the apps to ask $499 for it. I’m sure the RT experience will be great but at this point the only way they’ll steal customers away is to beat them on price. I’m not saying I won’t pay $499 but the lemmings need something that alters their attention and price will. Think about this, why will a none techie pay the same or more for a Surface tablet when the iPad already has a solid foundation with thousands of apps? I’m not talking about the people that read sites like this one.

  • birger

    There´s an ad for Surface on today saying “ready for pre-order today”, so I guess later today it will be revealed…

  • textomatic

    Under $500 and I’m sold

  • donzebe

    I hope it is not more than $399

  • Lasp24

    200 – 400 would be an amazing price range for RT. If so, i will buy one on the first day

  • bajanx

    I want this!

  • bajanx

    Yes please! I’ll take one of these and call me in three months for the pro.