Microsoft Surface Pricing Revealed, $499 For 32GB Without Touch Cover

Microsoft today announced the pricing of Surface tablets. Microsoft running Windows RT will priced starting from $499. The $499 version of Surface will include 32GB without Touch Cover and with TouchCover it will cost $599. 64GB model without Touch Cover will cost $599 and with Touch Cover it will cost $699.

This pricing denotes that Microsoft has not planned to be disruptive and they are taking a safe bet. This pricing will allow OEMs to breath in WinRT ecosystem, it will also act as a design stand point and more importantly it will not burn Microsoft’s balance sheets.

What do you think?

via: The Verge

  • Johannespreekt

    Very expensive for a tablet that has to win the market for it!! Below $400 was a nice price but this is too expensive in my opinion!!!!

    • the person

      I’ll keeo my eye out at the MS stores for launch…if they do a promo where they give the cover away with a sale I’ll bite. I price should never give the customer pause….this has definitely given me pause and it is all because of the $100 cover.

  • the person

    they have lost, game over. They touted these coming WITH the cover all along.

    • rsgx

      There is the option, and $599 is the same as the iPad but this includes a cover.

      Really, if you’ve got $600 to spend, you’re going to choose an iPad with no cover over a Surface with better specs and a keyboard cover?

      • the person

        would I? No. Would a person carrying an iPhone? Absolutely.

        • SteveyAyo

          Jesus you are a whiny little b*tch

          • the person

            if that is your only retort then truly Microsoft has lost the value proposition.

        • rsgx

          A person carrying an iPhone wouldn’t buy the Surface at $499 with a cover, either.

  • Origa

    499$ is cheaper than Apple, so it is a good deal.

    • MikadoWu

      I agree it is a good deal, 3 years ago. iPad is already entrenched. they have to do better.

      • lol

        how bout you just stfu u fag

  • Dave

    For all the whining about price: they have to set the price only low enough to sell out whatever they can produce. Both of the most expensive options are already sold out. When production can keep up with sales, then it’s time to think about lowering the price. No point in selling 1M tablets for $399 if you could have sold all 1M for $499. Also why does the iPad get away with high prices, but everybody else should sell at cost?

    And @the person, no, from everything *I* remember, some misinformed rants on the iVerge notwithstanding, touch covers were extra accessories, not included.

    • the person

      They are not going to sell those out…..and just TRY to use Windows 8 without a keyboard. Touch and keyboard are meant to go together.

      • Dave

        Windows 8 *RT* is perfect for touch, on a tablet (and no I would not run that on a desktop, and surprise, you can’t even), and that’s what the Surface is, no?

        These pre-orders are for october 26th delivery. There is only a finite amount of tablets they can produce, and it took about 15 minutes for all of those to be sold at these prices. It’s the same with any new gadget. Surprise, MS has fans.

        • the person

          those were never in stock. The only in stock option is the coverless one and I think they may do a promo for a short bit where the cover comes for free. If not their goose is cooked.

          • Dave

            They all started out in stock, with october 26 delivery, and went out of stock from left to right.

            But hey man, whatever, yes it will bomb sooo big and they only have 10 units and didn’t even really sell them and ipad will rule forever and android does not actually suck complete balls on tablets, etc etc etc.

      • Beaker

        Yes, DO TRY it, you’ll love it!

    • Ryan

      Good point. Even though I didn’t pre-order at this price, I’m highly likely to get one after I play with it for a bit. Considering it’s a 32GB tablet, you’d be comparing it to to $600 iPad 32GB, so they’ve already undercut Apple some.

    • Jackson

      From MS’s own website at “Surface comes with an integrated Kickstand and a revolutionary, 3mm thin, pressure sensitive cover that doubles as a fully functioning keyboard and trackpad.” This is still posted right now on the “About” page.

      You can see why people might be upset and/or confused.

  • Giovanni Pellegrini

    RT schmaRT, I need info on the Surface Pro!

  • Kristijan Sašilo

    Wow, I am (pleasantly) surprised, to say the least! I was expecting much higher prices. But, what I would really like to know is the price of the Surface Pro (or whatever it`s called)…

    • Johan Nilsson

      Surface Pro with Type Cover thats the good stuff. :)

    • Bugbog

      Likely $899 + $100 for Touch Cover for 64GB i5 model.

  • fruitlewps

    Way too much. $299 w/o cover would have been perfect for low-end. $499 with cover at 64GB would have been perfect for high-end. To bad. It was either Surface or nothing for me.

    • efs

      you must be joking if you want to buy a premium tablet (yes the surface is high end – not having a cover doesn’t make it low end at all) at $299
      Obvious cheapskate or just bagging on Microsoft’s products.

      • waodjo

        I agree with you there. However I do think that they have priced it a bit high since right now they need to gain market share and when they do that they can gradually increase the price but with the iPad selling absolutely loads, they need a lower price point to tempt customers even more

        • dsfa

          And one of the things people are looking for is apps and the windows marketplace seems to be doing pretty bad there

          • fewffe

            However I think one thing that could be argued either side is the ecosystem. Windows has a very big ecosystem in terms of desktops and laptops and this could be one thing that helps but it terms of phones apple and android phones have the advantage there.

          • Bugbog

            So. When the marketplace reaches over 200 – 300, 000 apps in 6 months time. Should the people who paid $299 – $399 (because there were ‘no’ apps), now pay $100 more, as there are now all the apps available?

    • ewfew

      I bet anyone 100 bucks that fruitlewps is one of those three things

  • Njoi Fontes

    reasonable price for the best tablet in the work (in the rt department anyway)

  • Greggory4

    Not good enough. $600 for a tablet with a touch cover is not affordable to the mass market. $300 – $400 is the sweet spot. Maybe we’ll see the price drop over the next 6 months when sales come in below expectations. Microsoft, don’t forget that you are competing against an entrenched, well established competitor that has massive public mindshare. You can’t expect people to equate the Surface RT with an iPad3. The Surface must be priced significantly lower than the iPad to overcome all the forces against it.

  • MikadoWu

    Too High for
    me…. I love the Surface, but not at that price.

    Price it at
    $399 and I would be 3, $499 I will be Zero.

    Hopefully they
    do not make stupid high Prices for the Pro. $799 is as high as I will go.

    I know this is probably
    a fair Price, however from the communication I have had to Students and Teachers,
    this will not deter people from the iPad or Android tablets.

    • SteveyAyo

      So at $100 less youd be willing to buy 3, but at $500 ($100 less than an iPad with the same storage and less capabilities) youd buy Zero?

      Do you realize how dumb that sounds?

    • Bugbog

      That’s competition. If you don’t value it enough on its own, then it isn’t for ‘you’.

      It is irrelevant that it isn’t lower than the iPad! It’s value is equivalent (or greater) and thus shouldn’t be devalued just to “beat” Apple by under-pricing them.

      I, obviously, would greatly appreciate a lower price, as would most customers. But I do believe (based on its pre-release evaluation), that it holds great value in of itself to be worth purchasing at the given price!

  • JPBruins

    32GB Surface WITH Touch Cover is same price as 32GB Ipad 3
    = way more functionality, kickstand and touchkeybord for the same price
    Sounds like a good deal!

    • Tjp

      32 GB surface pro 2 vs 32 GB iPad Air (you didn’t think Apple would not release a new product did you?) is the comparison. And I personally like the iPad Air for what it is worth. Lighter, much longer battery life, easier development of new apps. Windows 8 (Metro) is OK, but can be frustrating. Especially to develop Apps for as Microsoft ripped out major portions of .Net networking support in the name of security.
      Really though two different devices, one is a full fledged and heavy power usage computer with a touch screen that requires the keyboard to be useful. The iPad does cost $30-90 more if you want a third party keyboard case. But the iPad functions quite well without one. The UI is fully touch oriented not an adapted desktop metaphor. The iPad is really an appliance. A very powerful 64 bit appliance with a rich network oriented ecosystem across phone, iPad and desktop where things just work. As you’d expect from an appliance. Windows Surface 2 is a Windows Computer. A popular choice, but one I only make when a client needs software developed that runs on Windows. And then I us a virtual machine it or run bootcamp on a macbook retina 15 inch (with 768 GB of storage 16GB of main memory, and 2 thunderbolt ports, USB 3 and an SD card slot, multi protocol WiFi, and of course Bluetooth). And my macbook is about the same size and weight as the Surface Pro (original). With much faster speed, and denser hi res display. SO … It all depends on what you want, what you need, and what you can afford.

  • Hydra

    to high for RT version, and to expensive the coverkey… loose 3 time in one touch… for the Tablet, the OS and the phone. i will do the 3combo in one time if the price was better, this price for me (and my pocket) will be ok for the surface pro that push me to buy also the OS for the desktop, and a new windowsphone.
    In this case i stay with Seven OS, my old windowsphone and leave on the store the idea of a real usefull tablet… if in the meanwhile i do not emigrate COMPLETLY on Mac side!.
    The Surface RT is like an iPad without all the app for this last one… and do not hope in the marketplace, i do for 2 years with the phone… for nothing…
    Good idea MS but bad realized…
    (sorry my english, im Italian)

  • StreetJ

    and it was said it was including cover -_-” what a ripoff this

    • HarveyT

      It does! From the screenshot, they are only proving you an option to buy one without the cover. iPad don’t come with a cover.

  • Gopi Krishna

    Thats a bit expensive.And that too without Cellular .

  • Will Berry

    So the 64GB model with a cover costs $699. At the current exchange rate, that’ll work out at £433.59.
    That’s an awesome price, it’s ashame that it wont be anywhere near that cheap when it is released over here.

  • Jevon Jones

    Great Pricing Strategy as it undercuts I pad models by atleast $100 in some areas while the 64gb model is the ideal choice as it comes with touch cover while a 64gb ipad is equal in pricing but lacks in all other areas

  • StreetJ

    atleast its cheaper thn the new ipad (32gb 599 dollars)

  • not the person

    Well if the prices are not to your liking for the Surface, there are many other brands out there with windows 8 tablets. The Asus Vivo (second best IMHO), Acer W510 / W700, Samsung, Lenovo…… etc are all ready for your money and at lesser prices.
    the Surface is actually of premium build, if not high end specs, thats what youre paying for. I’m glad its not 800+ pricepoint

  • Awesome

    better pricing than ipad(32GB – $599). But ipad mini is also on the way, i think it also can’t better than surface RT

  • Franny

    Don’t forget this comes with Office for free! The price is actually LOW!

    • the person

      that depends on how much they will charge for Office on iOS, which, at these prices they WILL have to start selling it on other platforms.

      • Franny

        They were already planning on selling Office for iOS. That news came out months ago…

        • the person

          that was a rumor that microsoft denied…..but basically it is a plan B if Win8 tabs don’t move….which at these prices they won’t.

        • Ricardo Dawkins

          keep dreaming

  • ICE

    Anyone who doesn’t think MS isn’t going to sell a boat load to consumers and (enterprise: is completely disconnected to reality)

  • Jdrm03

    will pick one up during black friday or wait for gen 2.

  • berumen

    Take my money surface pro with keyboard

  • mgeson

    how about the RAM men. still no info?

  • Franny