Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Is Now Available In 25 New Markets Around The World

Microsoft today expanded the availability of Surface Pro 3 tablet to retailers and resellers in 25 additional geographies around the world. Consumers can buy Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i7 versions of Surface Pro 3 in these countries and the Surface Pro 3 Docking Station is now available for pre-order in all 28 markets and will be generally available starting September 12.

Find the full list of launch markets below.

Surface Pro 3 is now available at retailers and resellers in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States. For our customers who pre-ordered Surface Pro 3, your devices will begin shipping as early as today.

For those interested in checking out a Surface Pro 3 for yourselves, find out which retailers and resellers near you are selling Surface Pro 3.

Source: Microsoft

  • Cri5_09

    Will it ever surface in India? :(

  • Rohit Chauhan

    Seriously? Thailand over India? :/

  • Michael Fernandez

    Joining my voice with Rohit Chauhan, Cri5_09 and so many others… Bring surface pro 3 to India..

    Dear Microsoft your text book version of Indian Economics is quite opposite from the ground reality… want an example… read below

    “German automobile giant Mercedes-Benz was a bit surprised when Indian customers snapped up all 125 of its new top-of-the-line imported S-Class luxury cars costing Rs 1.57 crore ($250,000) apiece within 16 days of its India launch in January 2014.”

    full article here

    So many other sites/ magazines reported this.

  • Mushfiq

    This is completely unacceptable from microsoft to treat India as such shit. No wonder why microsoft is losing all Indians for apple be it ipad or macbooks.

    • jaylyric

      Sorry for those who switch…

      • Mushfiq

        Dont be sorry bro.

        • jaylyric

          I’m am sorry. I use a Surface and iPad mini on a daily basis. Given that fact,I would NOT go iPad over the Surface. I’d rather wait. I really hope that Microsoft gets the Surface to India soon. I think that they are missing out big too.. Don’t get me wrong there. I am in the US and even I’ve noticed how much support India gives WP,from what I read and see from new app releases. I would say that India seems to support WP more than any other market.

    • jaylyric

      I understand that you and a few more people here are upset. My question is: Have you tried to reach out and express your feelings on their Twitter accounts,user voice sites,support via their website(s) etc. In addition to comments on articles like these? If so I would encourage you to do so consistently,and encourage others to do so as well. Microsoft listens,if they didn’t then the Surface 3 wouldn’t be what it is,nor would Windows Phone or the Xbox One,even if you don’t like it in some way for whatever reason. It shows that there are people there who are listening to customer feedback. They can’t do everything or everything at once. Perhaps India is in the next round of new markets. Perhaps sooner than you think. Who knows? Ask and you just might get an answer.

      • Mushfiq

        Absolutely yes . And they told me that they are not sure . Thats it . Pls see my twitter @mushfiq7

        • jaylyric

          I believe you bro. Keep trying,and get other to do it. Reason is that if a single person or few people only do it,it may not get much attention. When more people do so,it shows bigger demand. I have worked with some Indian people here in sales. As well as I have sold to many Indian people. I know that if they like something,they will buy it. Isn’t the new CEO Indian? Yes he is.. lol

        • quest

          nadella is doing India favor, and sparing them the I7 Heatpad h8.

  • Ofentse Letsholo

    And South Africa?!. mxm