Microsoft Surface Pro And MacBook Air Offers Almost Identical Free Storage Space

Microsoft Surface vs MacBook Air

Last week many tech blogs reported about the free storage space left is Surface Pro models are very less. Ed Bott from ZDNet today posted a detailed comparison between Surface Pro 128GB and Macbook Air 128GB. According to his analysis, both Microsoft Surface Pro and Macbook Air offers similar out-of-the box free storage space.

  • MacBook Air 128: 92.20 GB (approx. 99 billion bytes)
  • Surface Pro 128: 89.7 GB (approx. 96.3 billion bytes)

In Surface Pro, you can even increase the free space by moving your recovery partition contents to USB Drive or external HDD.

Read the source link below for more details.

Source: ZDNet

  • donzebe

    At least someone has taken the time to compare Surface pro with the Right product instead of using the ipad / nexus / kindle fire / galaxy note type of products.

  • Brent Russell Rucker

    Isn’t it amazing the aura of smugness some people have when it comes to brand loyalty?

    • Bugbog

      So true! I’m just amazed at the blinding hypocrisy being applied here. Especially in light of the fact that MS was forthright, in comparison to Apple that uses a pseudo scale system that doesn’t accurately reflect the real state of the system!

  • SagetB

    The original article has been updated with new chart that kind of put a bigger hurt to Surface:

    “Update: There’s only one Surface Pro, which makes measurements easy.
    But Apple has produced many MacBook Airs in the more than four years of
    the products life. Over time, it has steadily improved the efficiency
    of builds of OS X…reports that the most recent MacBook Air
    provides 106.87 billion bytes (99.5 GB in Base 2) of user-available
    storage out of the box…. few months ago show 103-104
    billion bytes available.”

    I wish writers would do their work first rather then going of half cocked with semi accurate stories. In some ways this article hurt the image of MSFT by pointing out it has took 4 years for MSFT to develop a product the competes against iphans Air.