Microsoft Surface Pro Battery Life Will Be Around 4-5 Hours

Yesterday, Microsoft revealed the pricing and availability of Microsoft Surface for Windows Pro. This new Microsoft Surface Pro is an Ultrabook/MacBook Air competitor than a Tablet/iPad competitor. Surface Pro will be on sale in January 2013 starting from $899. The device will run on latest generation Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB of RAM and it weighs under 1Kg. When Surface twitter account tweeted that Surface Pro will have battery life half of that of Surface RT, some of the tech bloggers have gone crazy about it.

FYI, the closest competitor for Surface Pro which is MacBook Air 11inch also provides the same level of battery life.

via: ZDNet

  • Gavin Tom

    funny how people go all crazy about it when it is the same as a mac book air.

  • mecheng

    @ Gavin and Pradeep

    Yea but Surface is a tablet which is seen as a competitor to the iPad and not the mac book air. Hence I would also not buy something that is going to last only 4-5 hours.

    • chill510

      Surface pro is a full laptop….Surface Rt is a tablet.Hence the i5 processor and short battery life and compatibility with all current Windows apps.(PhotoShop, etc)

      • mecheng

        Dude you are wrong. Yes the pro has the capability of running like a full laptop with software, like you, mentioned but in reality it still has the same design and concept as a tablet ie you can pick it up like a tablet and hold it in your palm(s). A laptop consists of a screen attached physically to a keyboard. Surface Pro and RT are both tablets.

        • rsgx

          The keyboard physically attached to them, that can also be removed.

          • mecheng

            Yes but you use the surface like a tablet. The keyboard is just there for convenience sake. If you take a laptop and remove the keyboard would you still be able to use the laptop?? No because a laptop is not a touch device. Only lately has there been a real transition to have a laptop with a keyboard as well as touch screen.

        • VHMP01

          But wait a minute, Tablet as in HP TouchSmart tx2 ‘Tablet’ that did not last more than 2 hours of battery life. Give me a break, Apple did not invent Tablets, iPad was a convergence of technologies with a photoframe form factor. So if I was to compare a real Tablet to the newest Surface Pro running all the same legacy applications, I would say it Surface Pro is an incredible improvement with its 4-5 hours of battery life, it has a full OS, not a mobile one.

          • mecheng

            HP TouchSmart tx2 was classified as a tablet but it was not tablet. It had a swivel screen attached to a keyboard. Think really hard what a tablet these days are considered and you will see that a tablet lasts for 9+ hours. This is what the general consumer KNOWS. And they will look for that rather than be nerdy and think oh wait are these two devices the same or not?

      • Bugbog

        Actually the Surface Pro is neither a Tablet nor an Ultrabook, but a Hybrid device that blurs the line between devices.

        Given its internals though, why is anyone surprised about the battery life?

    • wspaw

      Why do you think Balmer said at the reveal that the Surface RT would be priced in line with tablets and The Surface Pro with ultrabooks?

      • mecheng

        True but that is what MS was aiming for. It was the nerdy approach but not the general consumer approach. Read my above comment in relation to appearances to @twitter-5400322:disqus

    • Brian Chau

      Surface Pro is a competitor to iPad and MacBook Pro combined. iPad and MacBook Pro alone cannot be compared to Surface Pro.

      • mecheng

        You might say that but get out of your nerdy box.

        And ask yourself this important question: Which of the iPad or MacBook Pro will the general consumer ASSOCIATE with the surface???

        They answer is iPad.

        If you want surface pro to be a competitor then MS should have changed the design so that it falls inline with the macbook pro so that the general consumer can differentiate this fact. At the moment the Surface and Surface Pro look exactly the SAME! Its all about looks these days without realising the underlining difference.

  • Peehole

    When the Surface RT was announced, all techblogs cried about the lack of legacy apps. Now they bring the Surface Pro, and all techbogs are crying that consumers are better of with an RT cos of battery life. OMG, what kind of people are running these blogs?

    • disqus_0zBtar7DyS

      Microsoft just didn’t bought the Pro all of a sudden to fill up the gaps left behind by RT :). It was well known that there are two version of surface. Microsoft gave us a choice I believe. ^^

      • Bobolinho

        Neah, people don’t want choices, I fear.

    • the person

      scumbags, that’s who.

  • valapsp

    So so so DISAPPOINTED :'(

    • Shyloooh

      I am as well and it’s pretty much a deal breaker to me. I’ll make my final decision once reviews come out but I am not hopeful.

      Sorry but as much as I like/want the pro (have RT – love it) I really don’t get how people can defend a 4-5 hour battery for a mobile device. That’s just terrible. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if you could get only 2 hours out of it playing Skyrim, COD, etc… such a shame.

      • DontFeedTheTroll

        well i mean…..what do you expect? they had to trade off certain things to have a hybrid tablet…..but seriously you expected to to play skyrim or any triple aaa title for that matter on a tablet for 6 to 8 hours with no charger connected? people jjust want miracles to happen.

        • Mr.InTernaTionaL

          And that is what’s the problem people expect too much out of Microsoft and when they don’t deliver people are pissed. Microsoft has set itself up to be on a high pedestal of great hardware so they should bring even more to the table if they want anyone to look at them again. If they don’t they will always be number 2 to Apple because they would always do just enough. They have to go above and beyond regardless of what the OEMs are going to say.

          This coming from a HUGE Microsoft Fan..

          • amaurys

            They will go beyond when the technology is there, As of right now, it isn’t. please tell me what core i5 tablet gets 6 hours or 7? very simple man, just wait till next summer, intel has haswell up its sleeves’, they will move to 22nm. hence, bringing ARM battery life to core processors.

          • Gavin Tom

            If I’m not mistaken wouldn’t that give use less processing power though?

      • Brian Chau

        A laptop is also a mobile device. How long does a laptop power last?

  • Jack Fetter

    This is why I bought Surface RT.

  • Kazi

    Earlier I though, all MS products are usable after ver 3.0 and sp1. IMO MS is getting better, as I see, Surface 2.0 will be my uberall computing machine. Can’t wait to buy that one :-)

  • Brian Chau

    That would be about right, Just like a typical ultrabook.

    • mecheng

      Its not an ultrabook. Its a touch tablet. Microsoft said so in the beginning and it has not lived up to expectations of other touch tablets. So disappointing.

      • DontFeedTheTroll

        ………………………… you sir are an idiot

      • koenshaku

        Would you prefer an atom processor in the surface? You do realize it is a $1000 product right? It competes in the ultrabook space. If you want battery life look to Samsung Ativ tablet etc, which uses an intel clover trail processor offering more battery life.
        Anyone that considering purchasing this product should already know this. MS knows exactly what they are doing with this product and I know exactly why I will be considering purchasing it myself. To replace my laptop and still have performance to edit photos from my DSLR and process movies. It will be this or the transformer book for me.
        If you want x86 platform for web browsing and legacy app use with more battery life look for a tablet that uses a lower end processor. If you exceptional battery life without legacy app support look to the surface RT. Not exactly rocket science read about products and their placement before posting silly remarks.

        • mecheng

          Even if its a $1000 product you must compare apples with apples and pears with pears. I have to correct myself from my previous comment. MS Surface Pro from the words of Steven Sinofsky said “ultrabook” which is great but wrong at the same time. Yes MS aimed the Pro for ultrabook but in reality they didnt achieve it.

          Take this for an example. Go to a general consumer, not a nerd, and show them an ipad and surface pro. Do they think tablet or do they think like a nerd and say you cant compare the two because the ipad is a tablet and the surface pro is an ultrabook??? They both look the same! They both work in the same concept ie tablet! This is where MS made a mistake. They didnt think out of the box to see what the general consumer would think and it is frankly the general consumer that MS wants them to buy the surface after all who brings in the money? Nerds or general consumer? What is the ratio of nerds to general consumer?

          • koenshaku

            Be that as it may, a consumer looking at an ipad will be looking at a similar price point as well. Which will be found in the surface RT… I would think the pro being twice the price questions of the differences would certainly come into question..

      • Brian Chau

        I’m referring to the battery life.

  • Nitesh Maharaj

    I’m just gonna wait for the surface book.

    • José Villaró

      And when that arrives your going to wait for something else…

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    i really dont know what people expected… its Intel i5 we are talking about here, if it had the same battery life than ARM, none would use ARM…

    • mecheng

      True but would you rather have something a little slow or have something that is dead?

      At the end of the day you will have to ask yourself. What is going to get the job done? A slower surface or a dead surface?

  • HighDefJunkies

    I really think blogs don’t get Win 8 yet. It’s not comparable to Mac Air because it’s a tablet and a laptop. I bet most Mac Air users have IPADS. With Win 8 that that cost is cut out because it’s both. I truly believe MS is ahead of the game and it’s going to take time for people to wrap their heads around it. Chrome Os has already said they are going to make a touch laptop. It’s only a matter of time before Apple follows suite. Remember it wasn’t too long ago when the IPAD was annoucned and people didn’t get it. I big phone OS on a tablet? How stupid! How’d that work out? Innovation is always scary because it’s new.

    • amaurys

      You sir, are winning. That is exactly right. MS is AHEAD of the game, and some people just wont understand it until they see other company’s trying to catch up. That is exactly what Microsoft wanted with windows 8, they don’t want windows to get replaced, they are moving on and opening doors with only the future in mind, if you don’t like it, well those people will stay behind…

  • Mark

    Microsoft should of just released one tablet using Intels Clover Trail processor. It would have the same battery life as ARM but still have legacy desktop apps.

  • clay113

    I think it’s to be expected considering it’s pretty much a laptop in a tablet form, but still a laptop. That’s why the Surface RT I have suit my needs. I didn’t need additional legacy apps that I use on my desktop. I needed to consume media, have a file explorer and way to load media through usb. Plus office to boot was an added plus. If you use a tablet like an ipad, can’t see why anyone could complain about RT considering it has more features in my opinion.

  • Mr.InTernaTionaL

    What would lighten the load of doubt on Microsoft would be to bring down the price to $700 64GB w/ Keyboard of choice & $900 for 128GB w/ Keyboard of choice. Add in 6hrs of battery life and people would be running to get one of these tablets/hybrids. They have to think about the people who want to go buy a SD Card knowing that their OS is going to take up the bulk of the memory. Microsoft needs to compromise somewhere..

  • Gavin Tom

    People, you aren’t gonna get that amazing battery life unless they put a bigger battery in there. You guys already are gonna complain about how heavy the pro is, imagine if they made it 1 lb heavier. For comparison I have the Nokia Lumia 920 and people are like wow this is heavy, yet its only like 40 grams heavier (an iphone 5 with case, or iphone 4s with case is about the same weight? Come on be a little more realistic and get off your dream cloud.

  • RJD

    I support pretty much everything MSFT does however, if speculation comes true on 4-4.5 hours on the Pro, then I will not be able to buy. I have a Samsung Series 7 (in addition to the RT) and it just does not deliver enough battery for traveling. If it gets to a 7+hour life, count me in for 5 new pc’s for the family. I actually like the RT and many of the apps I need are already here but, I miss outlook and so does the family since we all use Outlook as mail client.

    • RJD

      one additional comment, since all my kids use a device for school, they need the 7+ hours to get thru their day. This is an audience MSFT has to win. Apps and Battery life along with 4g…

      • mecheng

        I agree with the whole apps, battery life and 4g. You have done the correct thing and compared the surface with other tablets and not ultrabooks or laptops or funny things.