Microsoft Surface Pro Launch At The Fashion Show Mall In Las Vegas Video Surfaces Online

Microsoft launched its Surface Pro PC/tablet yesterday through no.of retail partners in US. Panos Panay who heads Microsoft Surface team at Microsoft was at The Fashion Show Mall In Las Vegas to launch the Surface Pro device. One of the audiences there at the mall recorded the above video and that too with his Nokia Lumia 920 with OIS technology. It also reveals the upcoming TV ad for Microsoft Surface Pro device involving dancers. Check it out.

Source: Ubergamer256

  • Ef Jay

    OK show but I was just struck by the clarity of that video, just awesome. If Nokia can add OIS to 41MP oversampling, that will be the king of smartphone cameras for years to come, only being surpassed by Nokia themselves. MWC, where are you?

    • Bugbog

      Something I wanted to mention also. The steadiness, clarity, and audio fidelity are just amazing! especially considering its on a phone!

      Initially, people used to video camera’s to film for posting. Then, with the advent of smartphone, came smartphone videos. Some, are actually that bad, but the vast majority are just of awful quality! (Either dark video, shaking camera syndrome, or dreadful screeching audio!)

      I’m just so glad now that the Lumia 920 is out. It will definitely up the video quality of Smartphone recordings.

  • Madhav K Infinity

    When is MS Surface launching in India??

  • Jdrm03

    I wondered if how many of those people are actual Microsoft employees. They buffered the hell out of lines with Microsoft employees for the RT launch.

  • Hill Chan

    Is it useful to extend the Surface?