Microsoft Surface reviewed against the Apple iPad 3

imageSlashgear reviewed the Microsoft Surface against the Apple iPad 3 running iOS 6.

While the devices Surface tablet had much to be commended for vs the iPad, the issue of the app ecosystem continued to raise its head, hopefully an issue which will rapidly be addressed by the 100,000 apps Microsoft promised by the end of the year.

Slashgear’s full review of the device can be seen here.

  • JohnCz

    @admin, I’m not sure where you are getting this from but I have not seen any such promise from Microsoft, that there would be 100k modern apps by the end of calendar year 2012.

    • ale91g

      admin = surur

    • mahesham22

      here is where an MS VP stated that.

      • rsgx

        That is a HUGE target.

        • the person

          they won’t hit that target for ARM for sure. if they cheat and count the desktop apps that are listed in the store then yes they may hit that number…but that would be pure cheating.

          • blahism

            Window Store Apps are multiplatform by design, unless the developer is relying on x86 specific code most apps listed are cross platform so arm won’t lag by much if any.

          • the person

            Oh, you mean like all of Microsoft’s own games collections? There IS a real problem.

          • blahism

            ? No one expects to run win32 games on their surface, but if they want to, they can wait until the surface pro. Most people are simply clicking windows store and waiting for whatever shows up there.

    • NegLewis

      Win 8 (RT) could let WP Apps Run in “full split screen” – Left or Right.
      In W8 Left/Right Split Screen is something like… a 9×16 Small screen + a 4×3 Big Screen.

  • mahesham22

    They don’ have anything to complain about Surface, so they come up with that old App collection issue every time..

    • just

      That’s always the case when other products are better than Apple, they will pull the “apps” routine. Just looking at the pictures side by side comparison Surface looks great and iPad looks old.

      • Ronnie

        Especially when 2/3 of that vaunted iOS App Store catalog are zombie apps with no reviews or downloads.

  • kemite2

    Surur, Microsoft never says that….Microsoft Lorizio says that Microsoft is spending “millions” in helping publishers create apps for the platform and the company has targeted 100,000 apps to be live on Windows 8 within 90 days of the Launch…WITHIN 90 DAYS OF THE LAUCH…and the lauch was 10/26/2012

    • Wyn6

      Yeah. I’m not even sure how you can take 90 days out of context to even mean end of this year. Unless, you’ve done a poor job of math, we’re talking end of January next year, 2013.
      I still think that’s a huge target. But, they say the Store is taking in 500 apps per day. But, that’s still only 45,000 at the 90 day mark. Add that to the 10k you have now and it’s half their total.
      That rate is going to have to double (1000/day) in order for them to meet that target.

  • Bugbog

    Much too pointless going there. Checkout the whole site and the admins comments; they are mostly Apple biased.

    Whilst the Sun doesn’t revolve around whatever favourite gadget it is we like, I do prefer open-minded explorations, discussions and analysis, wherein there is the potential to see things from a different perspective, and thus possibly change whatever notions one has.

    Anything else just leaves a Bad taste; literally and metaphorically!

  • jimski27

    What these spec whores refuse to acknowledge is that there is so much more you can do with a Surface out of the box than you can do with other devices. Office docs, connect to SkyDrive, play music and videos, view PDFs. And lets not even get into downloading whatever you want. Install Netflix, Smart Glass, and a few games. You will be set till the Store catches up.

  • Alex_Horse

    Basically after watching the video I am more confident to get a Surface (PRO for myself and RT for my g/f) and I find iPad even more useless for me. Surface is a beautiful device! Just beautiful! And just the ability to use USB devices and SD cards with Surface should bury iPad for any intelligent person :)

    I like how the Type Cover keys were illuminated, I did not know that…

    • agha

      What? Illuminated Type Cover? Mine doesnt have it or is there a way to make them illuminated?

    • mrdeezus

      There not illuminated but in the dark when the screen is on the white lettering on the keys are very easy to see for some reason.

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    so they expect in 7 days having 19028390182 apps? its funny how they cant use a little their brain and logic.
    last time i saw this review the boy was amazing about saying stuff about surface, he mentioned the Apps but he said something like “but its a new platform so it will grow” and it was all about waiting couple weeks, becasue it will have the apps soon. but of course… not like in 7 days after release..

  • NegLewis

    MS makes every time the same mistake.
    They let people talk about what Apps WP7, WP7.5, WP8, W8 RT, W8 Pro … are mising and DO NOT accentuate what they are missing by not using MS Products.
    THE single product that they accentuate is Office.
    There are lots of them like Linq, One Note, MS Music, Bing, XBox games & CO…

    They should create some crazy powerful apps those Bing Based News&Sport Apps… only Available on Windows.
    … Like integrate Mails, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Notifications, Bookmarks, Folders, Skype… in one giant way.

  • Smity Smiter

    at 8:40+, he said “rendering is instant on iPad, but lags a bit on Surface”, they both were same, the guy ignored iPad’s lag :-/

  • Brad

    Lol about the text render comment on zoom at 8:40. The iPad is no faster/better in this video but he says otherwise

  • mrdeezus

    Apps and screen resolution is a legitimate factor in the comparison. So is Office, usb, micro sd, hdmi, split screen apps, music streaming, build, quality, storage and price. You also have to factor in the reviewers bias because he has had nothing but apple tablets which is fair because until now their hasn’t been a “Real” alternative. That being said, if this tablet had the apps then the only thing left would be screen resolution. What I have a problem with is I have yet to see a reviewer complain about lack of ports or any of the other features the Surface has that ipad lacks and will never have. Well unless you read the Anandtech article.

  • Clint Curry

    The part when he runs sunspider?! cracks me up!

  • Myclevername

    So the iPad LTE 64 GB costs $779. The case he had it in costs $50. And an iPad Bluetooth keyboard costs $70. Grand total = $900
    Surface 64GB with touch cover = $700
    Twitter and Facebook? already built into Surface. No app required.
    Rear facing camera angled up to be horizontal when in kickstand mode on Surface
    LTE? iPad only for now. But you gotta pay extra every month for that.
    Wifi and Tethering? Mostly free
    Expandable memory? Surface
    USB jack? Surface
    Intelligent keyboard? Surface
    Sunspider score? Surface
    Microsoft Office? Surface
    5,000 fart apps? iPad
    Winner? iPad
    WTF? It’s like these reviewers open the box and spend 5 minutes with it and then make a review in favor of the iPad based solely on the apps.
    What the phuck does it take to get fair and balanced review?
    At least Oprah likes it. Maybe the Oprahbots will drive adoption and sales thru the book clubs. sigh

    • John Alves

      you’re 100% right + surface make 2 apps open on your screens while ipad only fuulscreen lol… the reviewer is an applebot

  • koenshaku

    This seems more like a consumer review that doesn’t touch on much of what either device has to offer. In the video review at least.

  • Asgardi

    What about Surface Pro and other tablets with “real” Windows? In that situation one could claim that iPad and Android has only under 1 million apps in comparison to millions of real Windows applications :)

    • Asgardi

      Not to mention what kind of devices you can connect to the tablet. Well, any kind :)

  • Cylton Collymore

    To be fair… The reviewer actually likes the Surface and has several other videos on his YouTube page with his daughter using it. On the other hand, Paul thurott who is an MS evangelist totally trashes the Surface… On a regular basis… He just doesn’t think there’s anything you can do with it that’s any better than what you get on other platforms.

  • sumedh

    apple’s application store is made up of fart apps.. I don’t need that.. I am enjoying the short list of quality apps on my WP..

  • Ronnie

    The comparison seems rigged from the very beginning when the lock screen on the iPad has a picture of his daughter and the Surface’s is a generic and impersonal black Slashgear logo. Right after that he talks about the 10.1″ Surface screen compared to the “10 inch” iPad screen instead of its actual size of 9.7 inches.

  • Asgardi

    You have many iOS apps so that is why I should not buy Surface? :)