Microsoft Surface reviewed


You can in fact type with the Microsoft Surface on your lap, just like a laptop.

TechRadar seems to have had unprecedented access to the Microsoft Surface and have posted a 3 page review of the two devices.

They note the design is impressive and practical, and reveal that the whole bezel is touch aware.

They also reveal the kick-stand is held in place with magnets and has two rubber feet and that the screen switches off when the touch cover is closed, much like the iPad smart cover.

They also said the device is well balanced, and could easily be balanced on the lap for typing like a proper notebook.

They found the Windows RT running on the Surface RT to be smooth and fast and worked as well as Windows 8 running on the x86 processor.

They conclude:

It’s a surprise that Microsoft created its own tablet, but it’s done a more than decent job of it; far more creative and polished than many Android tablets.

Microsoft has to get the price right – the current thinking is comparable with iPad and 10-inch Android tablets for Surface RT rather than with the 7-inch Kindle Fire – and battery life has to be good.

Surface doesn’t feel like an iPad in your hands; it feels like a well-designed Windows tablet crammed with clever touches that make it practical.

But this is the first hurdle in a number to come in the tablet race – sure, the design and construction of the Microsoft Surface tablet is great and in a blind test would fare well against the best the tablet world has to offer.

The next stage is convincing the world that Windows 8 is a comparable tablet OS to iOS and Android, and making it competitive on cost too.

But the first move is a good one – giving choice, an excellent array of hardware and a well-designed tablet range to those that are still unsure whether the current crop of slates can match their needs.

It also sends a message to Microsoft’s hardware partners: this is the standard for Windows 8 tablets should adhere to, unless you’re going to get seriously competitive on price.

Read their full review for much more detail here.

  • Omen1337

    The link doesn’t work for me.

  • rsgx

    All this focus on marketshare.

    I really don’t care anymore. Just give me the damn solid software and hardware experience I’m expecting from Windows 8 and these tablets.

    • Jason Boyd

      I always laugh at the marketshare comments, these are always the same people that say Mac OS/X is better than windows, even though it only holds around 6% of the PC marketshare. Yet, when it comes to Windows Phone all of a sudden marketshare matters

      • rsgx

        That is definitely part of it.

        I cannot understand how Windows is supposed to be ‘worse’ than OSX. My company uses (some) Mac’s (we have an iMac, 3 MBP’s and an MBA) for work purposes. Yes, Mac do have some advantages such as Thunderbolt and Keynote.

        But, saying that OSX is superior to Windows is just stupid ignorance. We use both platforms in our office daily, and I’m sorry but no logical person would pick a Mac after using spending a week with us and our workflow.

        Win7 on a good piece of hardware is a dream to work with.

        Here is the link-

        • Jason Boyd

          While I am no fan of Apple, I will admit that Mac is good for somethings over windows, like graphic design and music creation. Windows however is much better for business related purposes. 

          I think by making their own tablet, Microsoft will finally have a product that can directly compete with the iPad (the RT model). The Pro model will be a great piece of hardware for students and business people.

          • Kitgrissom

            I’m just replyed because of some thing that always urks me. People comparing a 2500.00 computer to one that cost 499.00 (not saying that you was) and saying that the former is better of course it is it cost 2000.00 more buy a 2500.00 pc and compare that to the 2500.00 mac and see what happens. At the end of the day its computer parts the guy with the best parts is gonna win.

          • Jason Boyd

            I completely agree, one of the biggest issues I have with Apple products are the exorbitant premium they charge on their products.  

          • Jim In Hayward

             You are a fool and failed to understand the OP’s point. Apple uses premium parts. Windows comes on OEM machines that use parts that fail in 1.5 years at most.

            Typical MS employee post.

          • Jason Boyd

            LOL premium parts? You really have been drinking a lot of the kool-aid haven’t you? 

            FYI, its elitists like you that cause the majority of consumers to hate Apple.

          • Brian Chau

            It is a myth that Mac is better at graphic design or creative works. Adobe Creative Suite works equally well on a PC or Mac. CS6 looks and functions the same on PC and Mac. It really is down to the user’s creativity.

          • Jason Boyd

            Good to know. Personally I haven’t used Mac OS/X since I was in high school, which was 15 years or so ago lol

          • Jim In Hayward

             Mac OS/X was not available 15 years ago. Please stop with the lies.

          • Jason Boyd

            Sorry, that should have read as Mac OS not OS/X 

          • rsgx


            We run a video and graphics production studio. Both PC’s and Macs perform the tasks just as well as each other.

          • Jim In Hayward

             It is a myth that Microsoft warez is better for productive work. There are many hundreds of thousands of productive software (accounting, manufacturing, distribution, processing, math, language, education, science, biology, real-estate, et-cetra.) available for the many dozens of OS’s besides just Windows.

          • Jason Boyd

            Yes, just like a typical Apple fan, taking someone elses work and turning it around into their own.

          • rsgx

            Perhaps for music, but when it comes to graphics they are virtually identical in capability.

            I get around much quicker on a PC as I still find the OSX interface ‘clunky’ in comparison. It does have some benefits though.

      • Jim In Hayward

         I always laugh at the marketshare comments, these are always the same people that say Windows is better than any other OS, simply because they hold a large marketshare that is ensured because Microsoft forces any PC seller to pay for a Windows licence. Yet, when it comes to smartphone and tablet marketshare suddenly it does not matter.

  • matt

    Yeap, link is broken.

  • ChaosKiller

    Since it hasn’t been released this is a preview…

  • AnonyMLA

    I like the comment about the message to hardware partners.  I think it would be phenomenal strategy to say “this is the middle ground” and let the partners innovate with price or innovate with additional features at higher pricepoints.  The last thing we need if WP8 tablets are going to be successful is 150 copycats of the Motorola Xoom.

    • Joe_HTH

       Nothing about this tablet is middle ground, at least not in terms of build quality, fit and finish. It will easily match an iPad 3 in terms of build quality.

      • symbolset

        It won’t match iPad 3 in screen resolution, nor software availability, nor stability. But it will on price. What’s the smart buy here?

        • Thirdeye

          Office doesn’t count for software availability?  And you know it won’t match the iPad for stability?  How?  Oh, that’s right.  It’s because “Windoze always crashes.”

          • symbolset

            Office is not enough.

          • Tim Laubacher

            Windows always crashes? For my business I’ve bought 11 PCs (win 7) and 3 Macs over the past 3 years. None of the PCs have EVER crashed or even hiccuped. Yet I’ve had hard drive failure on one of the macs and screen problems with another.

            I think the “windows always crashes” arguement needs to be put to rest.

        • Jonrgurney

          Erm… In terms of stabilty, my dual core atom dell inspirion duo w/2gb of ram is faster, more fluid and never crashes running windows 8

          My core2duo iMac running lion? Not so much…

          • symbolset

            It’s an NT core on ARM.  That makes it a Microsoft version 1 OS.  Plenty to be concerned about there. The Pro version is a full Windows tablet and we know how well those do.

          • rsgx

            Yes, the high-end models do pretty well.

        • rsgx

          Windows Phone already surpasses iOS in stability.

          I speak from experience having owned both platforms for extended periods of time. Try again.

          Software availability? I’m sorry, but last time I checked, Windows has millions of ‘apps’.

  • Fdaf31

    I want two!!!

    • Pookiewood

      So do I.  One for me and one for my wife.

  • AaronDotNET

    Wow, I didn’t think it would work well on the lap.  This thing keeps looking better.

  • Adriel Dennis Mingo

    YES! The final confirmation!

  • JPenn

    One thing to understand when dealing with the difference with Mac and PC is that Mac created their own, which no one is allow to touch other than Mac, which is also the reason your average Mac cost more the a friggin $1200 in a crappy economy.  Besides how can you take Mac seriously, they are a computer based company that had to revamp themselves into a mp3/phone and tablet company to survive.  Lets not forget that Steve came to Bill for the money to create the ipod not the other way around. 

    With Microsoft owning the larger share of PC’s market over the world your going to have to expect crap here and there because they license their software to Dell, HP and the list goes on.  When you distribute your software and on top of that the crap that they put on those systems like HP includes all these security features some that interfer with the use on certain normal sites.  Dell’s BS software is not even needed half the time and I spend more time removing the bullware that what you need to run your system properly.  Perfect example HP gives you a laptop with finger print scan, face recognition, 5 more security features with only 3gb’s of memory to run and this is before you start loading your own software.  The best windows 7 machines out on the market are the one’s that were created by the user hands down.

    With the step up from Microsoft on their surface tablet is showing these companies how this is going to go down for 2012.  Granted that Microsoft is still the leader for PC’s but as our generation transitions itself to the mobile side this is definately a great step in the right direction.  I dont know if its too little too late but it has caught many people eye.

  • Kitgrissom

    I want two as well one for me and the other for me as well, a win8rt and a pro

  • Alex_Horse

    Disgusting manicure…

  • Jim In Hayward

    I want to sell the 5 I already have. Windows breathes in!

    • Jim In Hayward

      by the way JPenn is a total jerk and does not understand history, rather deciding to be fooled by Microsoft and trolling for their survival.