Microsoft Surface RT Is The Most Used Device To Run Windows Store Apps And Other Interesting Stats

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AdDuplex today published their report on Windows tablet market based on the data collected from almost 800 apps in the Windows Store. Microsoft Surface RT is the most used device among all Windows 8 devices and it is ahead of Surface 2 by a huge margin.

Surface RT is still the most popular device to run Windows Store apps by a huge margin. That said, Surface 2 has still a long way to go to catch up with it’s older sibling, but it has moved from number 4 to 2 in less than 2 months. Surface Pro 2 has entered the top-10 too. So all of the Surfaces are now represented in the top-10.

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Among Microsoft devices, Surface RT is more than 75% of the devices, while Surface 2 and Surface Pro are in the 2nd and 3rd positions.

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Among the Windows 8 OEMs, Microsoft is the No.1 OEM with 18.8% market share followed by HP and Asus.

Microsoft is now a number 1 manufacturer, as far as Windows Store apps are concerned. Other than that the top-10 didn’t change since March.

Source: Adduplex

  • Joe_HTH

    That’s because they’ve been dumping them for ridiculous prices.

    • Bugbog

      No less than they’ve offered competitors devices for?! ($99, $199, $249, etc)

      • nohone

        People were crying foul about how many were being sold at a discount (and then bringing up the $900M, which was not what people made it out to be). The thing is that they were being sold at the same price or more than competitor’s devices, namely Android devices. But no body complains about Samsung selling their devices at a low price, nobody complains about Apple selling the older version at a lower price than the current version. But Microsoft does it, and it is “dumping them for ridiculous prices.” Apple is selling previous versions of the iPad for discounts of $100s off, but that is a good business decision, giving the people choice, and more excuses to protect Apple, all while vilifying Microsoft for doing it.

        • koenshaku

          Well of course MS is the evil empire and apple is for trendies. If any device were to be considered gay in this day and age it would be apple’s, but these days the media and people flock to support them like they are some new race that was oppressed for centuries or something. When it fact it is just a group of people that are hedonistic or have a genetic imbalances.. Point is bloggers and media cling to popular opinion and google and apple devices are more popular so expect this trend to continue for quite some time.

          • XBoxerOne

            Wow…we have near supercomputers that fit in our pockets but ironically people still walking around with the historic ignorance of this guy.

            I never thought I would be Apple fan but if you represent the thinking of a Microsoft supported, I have to reconsider.

        • LexicoRed

          No way to spin this beyond the fact of how big of an indictment of the failings of Microsoft Hardware strategy as a whole. Saying Surface RT is leading is like saying it is the skinniest kid at fat camp. This is not good.

          • nohone

            Let me re-read what I wrote…
            Nope, I never said anything about Surface RT leading. But if you need to claim that I did to make yourself feel better, then go ahead.

        • Guest

          Nothing about this story talks about Google or Apple but yet you can’t keep from trying to make about them.

          Kind of sad. :(

          • nohone

            We know – it is perfectly fine to bring up Apple or Google in every single article even if it doesn’t have anything to do with Apple nor Google if it is in any way to make Microsoft look bad. But make a comparison to either or both of those companies to put them on an equal footing then it is horrible because I am not bringing glory to either of them and worshiping them as you see fit.
            I also would like to know how you changed your name as the author of that comment from XBoxerOne to Guest to hide who wrote that comment.

          • XGuesterOne :-D

            Can you ever post a post without whining about life being unfair and competing companies. You really see yourself as a victim.

          • nohone

            You whine about me going off topic by making a comparison, and when I reply then you whine about me supposedly whining. The typical MS hater – when you lose the argument start attacking the people.

          • XGuesterOne :-D

            Tell yourself that, own a XBoxOne, Lenovo T440p, & Lumai 900 for a bit, so not a hater here. Though I do want the company be great and smart enough to understand your whining will not achieve it.

            Thank goodness the new CEO understands it too by making the changes that need to be done rather then acting like you; a perceived victim.

    • koenshaku

      That, and MS is the only OEM that supports the RT platform others were quick to abandon it for good reason and since RT can’t run x86 apps it only makes sense they would lead in an area that is the only are of use.

      • counterblow

        news flash, all Windows 8 devices can run Windows Store apps. Just because those are the only apps RT can run doesn’t mean it should run them the most. HP has ZERO RT devices, they are just behind MS as #2 OEM yet they aren’t even second in running RT apps.

  • Bugbog

    This just confirms my hypothesis; in a previous comment thread I stated that for all the noise/complaints generated against Microsoft’s Surface distribution, (i.e. slow, incomplete, ineffectual, etc) I still thought they were doing a better distribution & advertising job than their nearest OEM, as far as tablet/hybrids were concerned. And this supports it to some extent.

    Look at the OEM’s efforts on eight inch tablets to date? No competition from Microsoft for over 7months, and, apart from the Dell Venue 8 Pro, which had a [minor] hit out the gate, none of the other tablets have really been publicized or pushed to any extent!

    So, none of them should really be surprised that even with Microsoft’s “lesser” efforts they’ll capture 50 – 90% of the Mini-tablet market within a few months.
    Nor should any of these OEM’s cry ‘Wolf’ 2 – 3 years down the line when Microsoft’s efforts have captured them 70% of the tablet/hybrid market, as they are currently seceding the market by their inaction/minimal efforts.

  • bibleverse1

    Surprising. I thought the Dell Venue Pro would sell more units. It is a good device. Really surprised at the adoption of RT.