Microsoft Surface RT Price Cuts Are Now Live, Starts At $349

Surface RT Price Cut

Last week we reported about Microsoft planning to cut the price of Surface RT tablet, and the new price is now live in Microsoft Store. Surface RT base model with 32GB storage is now available for just $349 down from its original price of $499. Surface RT with 64GB model costs $449. Both these models combined with Touch Cover/Type Cover costs $449 and $549 respectively.

Check it out here.

  • Duel

    When this tablet came all windows fanboys said that after this no-one going to buy iPad anymore and iPad is big flop. I said them this surface going to be big flop.

    And that exactly what happened, i dont understand how anyone in reality could ever think this going to be hit device when it didnt had anything to offer.

    Oh wait it had kickstand and keyboard… 😀

    • Wtechrover

      Who said that? I have not even read anyone saying such a thing. Seems you have an agenda. Anyway, except still for apps a Surface has more to offer.
      Or a Vivotab Smart.

      • Duel

        For tablets its all about apps and games, so it was very easy to see that windows tablets going to fail miserably

        • nohone

          Isn’t it funny that when the Apple fanboys were pushing the Mac over Windows, the argument was that app count did not matter? The millions of apps for Windows were junk, and every one of the apps for OS9/OSX were of great quality, and if Mac did not have the app you wanted, that was OK because the ones that were there were of such great quality, you would want to switch? So by your metric, the app count on the store makes a device great, then I guess that means that OSX is now a dismal failure because they only have 15,793 apps available on the OSX store (

          And your claim about all the apps on the App Store makes it a better device, does not hold, either. An analyst that used real data from ad sales, has shown that over 400,000 of those apps have never been downloaded. So what good is having 800,000 apps, if half of them have never been downloaded, not even once?

          Checking the stats of the app I wrote and has been on the Windows Store for 3 weeks has over 3000 downloads. SO the one app I wrote alone has more downloads than half the apps on the Apple app store.

          But the only indicator of quality is the number of apps available.

          • neva

            What is it? May give it a try when I finaly install Windows 8 next week.

        • iLove2argue

          really?? ballmer eh?

    • pepe

      Microsoft tablets (OEMs included) took a big share of the 10 inch tablet segment, 20-30%, but people is now buying smaller tablets mostly.

      • Duel

        Source? I didnt find anything related to 20 or 30% newest thing which i found is this

        Microsoft shipped 900,000 Surface tablets in Q1, says IDC

        • pepe

          Look for Strategy Analytics tablet market share in Q1 2013. Microsoft takes 7.5% share worldwide, Android 56.5% and iOS 39.6%. The ipad mini is 60% of Apple sales. In android the skew to smaller tablets is bigger, lets say is 70% (I think is more). Do the math and get 63% of the tablets sold in q1 are small. So, Microsoft is taking 7.5% from 37%. That is 20%.

          Microsoft sales are increasing in q2 so should be closer to 30%.

          • nohone

            Microsoft’s tablet, the one that people like Duel like to believe is a failure and only Microsoft “fanboys” will buy, has taken 7.5% of the total market in less than a year. Apple has been fighting, scratching, clawing, and lying for over 30 years to get every precious percentage point of the desktop/laptop market. And in less than one year Microsoft takes a similar percentage of the tablet market from the market leader, but Microsoft is a failure for it. The Apple fanboys have the RDF turned up to 11.

          • Duel

            You know we are talking about surface RT here?

            According to IDC microsoft sold around 400 000 surface rt tablets q1. Microsoft first expected to sell around 4 million, then they lowered that number to two million and real number is under half million, so how this is good? Surface rt is huge flop.

          • nohone

            Yes, the article is about the price drop on the Surface RT. You were the one that started blathering about the iPad, putting out claims of something that somebody supposedly said, whining about kickstands and keyboards – none of which have anything to do with a price drop. So I showed how your usual “Hey! Hey! Look at me I want to talk about the glorious Apple!” comments were foolish, and how when the same standards you apply to Microsoft are applied to Apple it makes them look absolutely pathetic. But we cannot have anything said that is negative about Apple, so you need to start complaining about others going off topic from the comment that you made, which, in its self, was off topic.

          • iLove2argue

            then it is much better if the price will drop. rather buying a overpriced ipads ryt?

          • iLove2argue

            im no fanboy about the micorsofts tablet the fact is it is more useful than the ipads thats the reason that i will buy msfts tablet anytime soon.

        • pepe

          Look for Strategy Analytics tablet market share in Q1 2013.
          Microsoft takes 7.5% share worldwide, Android 43.4% and iOS 48.2%.
          The ipad mini is 60% of Apple sales. In android the skew to smaller tablets is bigger, lets say is 70% (I think is more).

          Do the math and get 59.3% of the tablets sold in q1 are small. So, Microsoft is taking 7.5% from 40.7%. That is 18.42%.

          Microsoft sales are increasing in q2, sales of the retina ipad and
          big android tablets are slower, so should be 20-30% now.

          • iLove2argue

            i dont care about the market its none of our business as long as we want the product for work purposes then i am solved. the hell i care about market market etc. as long as my job will done using the Msfts tablet kalas. go home and sleep vice versa.. rather than ipads showing the logo behind it with tons of games overpriced products that even the usb port is absent???. Very funny!

    • nohone

      No, that was the haters, such as yourself, who were claiming that this was going to overtake the iPad immediately as a way of mocking people who had an opinion and preferred the Surface over the iPad. And you are continuing with this line about the kickstand and your personal fetish, the keyboard, when the Surface has so much more flexibility and functionality over the iPad. But you love living in your restricted, walled garden, so more power to you. Hey, I get it, I bought the original iPad (had it delivered on the Saturday they were first released) and bought the iPad 3 the day they were available in the stores. And I can see how you can be drawn in, the eyes glaze over, “must have the new Apple iToy.” But I got over it, and got a big boy computer.

      Didn’t change the numbers of iPad sold? Surface quickly took over 2% of the tablet market, and sold 900,000 Surface RT tablets in the first quarter it was available. And this number does not include 8/RT tablets sold by other manufacturers. Now think of it this way – that 900,000 number in the first quarter is 900,000 Apple did not sell. It is estimated that apple makes $175-$287 (depending on the model 16GB vs. 64GB) per iPad sold. Using the lower number, that is $157,500,000 million that did not go into Apple’s coffers in one quarter alone. You really think that Apple does not care about that money? That little Timmy Cook is not yelling at people about lost profits? When their stock has dropped over 40% within the past year, every million of that $157,500,000 would have helped shore up investor confidence just a little bit more. And since then we have seen many more millions of Surface Pro/RT devices being sold, and millions more dollars of profits not helping Apple’s bottom line, millions more not helping prop up their sagging stock price.

      $100 taken off means it is a failure? A month before the latest MacBook Air was released, the web was full of special deals and discounts. Amazon, Best Buy, and others had $150 off MBA models. But I assume that does not mean they are a failure, that was an indicator of their success because they were just giving people what they wanted, right? Right? Of course, when the MBA, the real competitor to the Surface Pro (and the MBA has the keyboard that you oh-so-hate) has a couple percentage points of the market, that is a success and shows how great Apple is. But the Surface Pro, which has a similar market share, that is a failure. Ignore that the Surface Pro has been on the market for 1/2 year, the MBA has been on the market for 5 1/2. Apple has 30 years of computer building experience, and their 5.5 year old device was over taken by a company not known for building hardware in only 6 months.

      Apple sure has the magic touch, don’t they?

      • Duel

        No surface rt didnt sold 900 000, the real number is more like 400 000.

        • iLove2argue

          maybe as a fanpleboy ur afraid that soon the ipad will fall? ryt? thats why u are here eh? haha!

    • coip

      Clearly you’ve never used a Surface RT. I have both a Surface RT and an iPad. I never use my iPad anymore. The Surface RT simply does way more. Sure, the iPad is still selling well, but that doesn’t make it a better product. 98% of consumers are naïve, uninformed sheep and the success of iOS and Android in the tablet market is evidence of that.

      • iLove2argue

        of course the ipad will always sell well because they are buying the logo behind it. people biuying ipads are just wasting there money even iphones. ” i will buy apple ‘coz it has a great logo at the back — BULL****

    • kalval

      “it didnt had anything to offer.

      Oh wait it had kickstand and keyboard… :D”
      It’s not about the hardware in the case of windows tablets. The software is just leaps and bounds ahead of iOS/android. I have windows 8.1 preview on my surface RT and despite the aging, slow tegra 3 processor on board, everything runs buttery smooth, with the ability to run 2 tablet apps side by side. The UI and underlying platform is what makes windows tablets great. The 1st gen of hardware was always going to have compromises, but in a couple of months we will have gen 2 announced.

    • iLove2argue

      the most precious awaited comment by an apple fanboy eh? no matter how u will say about negative about the SRT it is still more useful than your overpriced ipad. even the cover of the ipad it could also cost a hundred dollars but the keyboard cover of SRT is much way useful. you are hillarious DUEL. slapping ur face left and ryt haha!

  • Bugbog

    Let’s hope this means a refresh is due imminently! (And no regrets from this 2012 RT purchaser!

  • koenshaku

    Did VLC ever get released for RT?

    • Wtechrover

      Not yet, but won’t take long.

  • HenrikD

    Get us a tablet with 3g/4g and the sales will rocket.

  • DarthTigris

    Still won’t buy one…

    … because I want Surface II: Surfacer! Coming Fall 2014!

  • XBoXer

    Let admit the RT Surface has been a flop (a + $900 million dollar one at that) besides a few of us naive MS fan boys these things are collecting dust. MS you can not promise a no compromise product riddled with compromise: no ecosystem, sub par battery life, slow UI. This is what happens when a great company has bad leadership who is late to the market never the innovator always the follower.

  • UMovies

    sorry this is a repost from a different story but it work here to;

    that’s so stupid them and other oems stopped selling the rt because they are all switching to the snapdragons, rt isn’t going any where but it will be like win phone 7, all the new features coming with the new rt wont be backward compatible. rt tablets are gonna blaze very soon, id even get one , there not gonna be a speed difference between a rt and a intel, it just gonna be different. example the fish test for snapdragons produce as many fishs as the intels and amds, it can do 1080p gaming on two screeens, has bulit in 3g/4g/ gps, etc, and new snapdragon can even do 4k video decoding and encoding , they will go toe to toe with win pro systems and even offer some thing that the x86 chip don’t, and run cooler and last longer, etc., when the new rt’s come out they are goinna make the ipads look like itoys, their just making a switch from now on it qualcomm’s baby, that’s all it is so don’t panic people or listen to the hype