Microsoft Surface RT Tops Gizmodo’s Most Important Tablets of 2012

Gizmodo yesterday posted a blog post about the 10 most important tablets of 2012. Microsoft’s Surface took the No.1 spot leaving Apple’s iPad and Google Nexus 10 behind. Here is what Gizmodo said on the new Microsoft Surface RT,

A new operating system. An entirely new product category. A new keyboard cover technology. Microsoft Surface RT may not be the PC-tablet bridge we’d all been dreaming of—we’re still hoping Surface Pro manages that trick—but it was without a doubt the most important demonstration of how far tablets can take us, and how much Microsoft is willing to risk to get us there.

Even I think Microsoft Surface was the most innovative tablet that got released this year. What do you think?

Source: Gizmodo

  • GG002

    Even Applemodo cannot deny the role Surface RT is having and going to have on all coming tablets. I’m happy I’m THAT smart that I could see this coming. Oh, and have a gander at what I’ve used my Surface for, for the past two days!

    I love my Surface.

    • Lewis McCrary

      I saw Shawshank Redemption on the screen and thought it was your reflection. I thought “Man, that guy looks like Tim Robbins!” Nice setup, btw. :)

      • GG002

        lol, I’m not that good looking!

    • duk3togo

      so do you have the HD Screen connected to the Surface?? If yes, wow genius, conga ratz…

      • GG002

        Yep, my Surface is connected to my FHD screen in the pic!

    • danos

      I like the Surface, also like the Kimi poster’s in the background – the iceman is a legend!

      • GG002

        I’m (partly) Finnish, so yeah, Kimi is my hero!

    • Schooner1984

      Nice setup. This is much how I planned to use mine, perhaps I do not “need” a Surface Pro after all. As a Tablet PC (former Toshiba with WinXP Tablet e, now HP TouchSmart with 64-bit Win7Pro) user I really like the pen. I will be starting my MBA in the spring, and my Tablets are good (large form factor prevents great) for taking notes in class and at work.

      • GG002

        I’m really more and more getting used to the idea of being able to make do with Surface RT, and not needing the Pro! Of course, I miss Photoshop, but in all fairness, if that’s all I miss, then there really is nothing stopping me from replacing my laptop with this. Maybe Photoshop might even still become available on Win RT, just like there’s a version for iOS.

        Naturally, my i7 laptop better at multitasking, but Surface RT isn’t far behind if you only do two things at once. If you push it like I did in the image, then you may run into occasional stutter.

        • Schooner1984

          Thanks for the real user input. Much appreciated.

          • GG002

            Oh yeah, and I use teamviewer often to manage heavier task. Almost feels like I have x64 on my Surface! Even basic Photoshopping works.. just dump files in Skydrive, fetch on my x64 PC through Teamviewer, Photoshop image and save it back to Skydrive.

      • PoohGQ

        Surface Pro coming soon! Will be more to you preference.. :)

    • Kitab

      Nice setup!

    • jack frost

      I have the same Samsung monitor with my surface RT

      • GG002

        Cool, great minds think alike!?

    • jack frost

      I have the same Samsung monitor with my surface RT

    • sonus

      I like it, and I figured that everyone would realize that Surface could replace a PC for most users.

      You do have very messy setup though, and you should take the plastic labels off of your monitor. It looks tacky.

      • GG002

        The setup was just to show what I’ve connected. Most of the wires and the hub and whatnot are usually hidden. I shot this pic for friends, so I wanted to show how much you can connect, as well. I don’t care much about the label :)

    • GGlazer

      Awesome. Great example of the Surface’s muscle. I do a similar setup at the office. It’s the only machine on my desk now. I’m the sole admin to over a hundred desktops, servers, edit suites, animation workstation and a render farm. And the surface is all I’ve used to work with the network for a month now. Best thing I’ve ever bought.

      • GG002

        Sounds like even more hardcore tasks for your Surface! Powah!!

    • Nitesh Maharaj

      Wow, that’s seriously impressive!

      • GG002

        Thanks, on behalf of Microsoft!

  • CX1

    I keep hoping and dreaming for a click in style dock from Microsoft.

  • Gavin Tom

    wow, Gizmodo posting something good about Microsoft? The world is really gonna end.

  • darthtigris

    Ironically, it was the Surface RT ‘review’ on Giz that made me quit going to the site finally.
    And no, this doesn’t make up for that ‘review’. Not hardly.

  • 80s Rocker

    All SurfaceRT & Pro need are a docking station. Wonder if docking station could be made to plug into keyboard slot. Remove touch/type keyboard then put in mounting station. Cool, but not hopeful it can be done.

  • oldjovian

    You dudes need to put dates on your articles. It’s kind of like the shop owner which leaves a sign saying, “Be back in half an hour”. A half hour from when?

    You’ve stated in the article that “Gizmodo YESTERDAY posted a blog post about the 10 most important tablets of 2012.”

    Yesterday from when? It’s not that big of a deal in this article for me, but it could be quite important on some articles for some people.

    Catch my drift?

    • oldjovian

      Ok, I see now that the date is on the short kind of table of contents page. Wouldn’t hurt to put it on the article page. Just sayin’ . . .