Microsoft Surface RT VS Asus Vivo Tab RT (video) posted this head to head comparison of the Asus Vivo Tab RT vs the Microsoft Surface, both Windows RT tablets that share slim form factors and long battery life.

One of the main differences between the tablets, besides the build quality, was their keyboards, and while they Surface has the choice of both a slim Touch and Type cover, the Vivo Tab has a rather substantial laptop-style dock which also double’s battery life.

While I am sure most of our readers will opt for the Surface tablet, do some see the advantage of the Vivo Tab? Let us know below.

  • Elmenhorster

    I bought the Asus because of built in GPS and NFC.

    • GGlazer

      NFC would be a handy feature on my surface.

      • TrevMoore

        I agree. Especially when I’m considering picking up a lumia 920

    • Ashley Warner

      Erm there is no GPS on the Asubs spec sheet? Lists E-compass etc but no mention of GPS that I could see

  • techieg

    The Vivo is along the lines of poor hardware innovation by OEMs generally. In future Surface releases, I expect higher specs including GPS, 3G/4G/LTE, etc, the latter which most don’t need anyway especially due to carrier cost.

  • Bugbog

    To me, there is just something compelling about the overall Surface RT design that Just Makes it Compelling, especially when compared to all the others.

    Irrespective of whether or not those other devices have ‘better’ paper specs, the Surface RT is just greater than the sum of its parts!

    • GG002

      That’s why I’m an owner of a Surface! It’s something extraordinary about it, kind of a heart and soul that the others don’t have.

      • Bugbog


        My mother, a slight technophobe, saw it and commented

        “this isn’t the same tablet that you had before?”

        referring to my ‘test’ tablet, the Acer W500. She immediately noticed that the stand folded into the back,

        “ooh, that’s nice! Oh, it’s nice and thin, feels very good, unlike that thick tank you had before!”

        Ha! :)

  • Craig S.

    I absolutely love my Vivo… Definitely sexier than the Surface… It has GPS, NFC and 600nits brightness compared to the Surface’s 400nits… Sometimes it’s so bright I find myself turning down the backlight… And I accidently sat on it for 5 minutes the other day and not a issue to be seen or had… I got mine for $499.99 from Micro-Center and another one from Best Buy since they price-matched Micro-Center… And since Asus is giving away free keyboards, I’m making out like a bandit on this thing!

    • Bugbog

      Good for you. Someone has to show the other OEM’s some love!

      (I’m making out with my Surface though :) )

  • Maxi J. ✨

    I still think RT tablets are overpriced for what they do. Essentially someone is going to want a laptop rather than shell out $500-$600 bucks for a Windows RT tablet. I think $200-$450 is just right for a tablet. The reason why Apple and Google are still ahead is because of their cheap priced tablets.

    • Bugbog

      I’m fairly certain that you can get cheap tablets from the ‘others’.

      However, Other RT tablets aside, the Surface RT is a premium design, with well thought out research and engineering and premium software content to go with it!

      Office Home & Student, OneNote/MX
      Xbox music
      Xbox Live integration
      Apps: Travel, Finance, Sports, Skype
      Free Games (Cut the Rope, etc)
      Pandora (coming soon)

      All Out-of-Box integration!

      Taken altogether? A Premium Experience, well worth the cost

    • WarrenCush

      thats one thing i dont understand why people say its over priced. the suface rt if you exclude the attachable kickstand, usb port, micro sd card slot, office 13, xbox , skype cost $499 32gb where the ipad cost $499 16gb. ipad has more apps but less functionality than the surface once you add back the stuff i excluded for the same $499. if you were the put personal preference aside would you pay for an ipad over a surface, looking at just the storage alone would you pay $500 for 16GB device or a 32GB device. your already getting more for your bucks with the surface now add kickstand, usb port, micro sd card slot, office 13, xbox , skype for the saem price where ipad gives you a new power adapter. apps will come to surface so to me thats no longer a valid arguement.

  • Shyloooh

    Generally I like Asus products in fact I bought the original Transfomer but they have been known to have problems with their products. For example speaker dying, light bleed, and creaking to name a few.

    I checked out the Vivo tab at Futureshop and the demo unit was faulty. The left edge side of the touch screen did not work and I couldn’t cycle through all the open apps and the windows home button seemed to lag once you press it. Screen was very nice and bright and the unit is definitely lighter than the Surface.

    I still would take a Surface over any other RT/Pro tablet out there now. There is so much more value with the Surface that I don’t understand how people can say it’s overpriced. To me the biggest sellers are the USB and microSD plus I really love the design and keyboard.

  • fachru

    My only option is vivo tab pro / rt since surface is not going to sell in My country. Damn, even Microsoft south east Asia doesn’t has a plan to bring in surface to this region… damn it…