Microsoft Surface spotted on Hawaii Five-0


On Monday night’s Halloween-centered episode of Hawaii Five-0, the new Microsoft Surface was spotted being used by Dr. Max Bergman.  Before clicking on the bottom right icon to bring up a photo, it was clear he was showcasing it for the camera.  Also spotted on the episode was a blue polycarbonate Nokia Lumia, but it was unclear if it was a Lumia 900 or Lumia 920.

Microsoft has showcased their Windows Phones on Hawaii Five-0 since the remake’s inception, and it’s clear that they are branching out into Windows 8 in-show advertising as well.

  • Edrain

    They used to always show Dell Inspiron Duos. It seemed like every episode someone would have one using it in tablet form.

  • arrow2010

    Obvious product placement is obvious.

  • rinti

    surface and the Lumia 900 Black was on NCIS Los Angeles last week

  • panagiώtis

    NCIS LA is another TV series with alot of Windows Phone Surface and skydrive

  • Gavin Tom

    I wish i could have that surface table that they have tooooo. Drool worthy. But hey good PR for microsoft.

  • Bazpants

    That show has nothing but Microsoft products in it. You can also see Windows 7 with IE9 just to the right of Max :)

  • yeahyeah

    lots of MS/windows products on Homeland and Arrow as well