Microsoft Surface survives real life drop test from roof of car


Microsoft has boasted of the durability of their Vapor-Mg case, and even uploaded a video of the device being drop tested.

Kurt Shintaku had the misfortune of testing Microsoft’s claims with his own personal Surface.

Coming back from a pizza run he left his Surface tablet on the roof of his car.

He writes:

I guess it stayed there for several blocks as I sped down a main thruway before I made a lane change on Westwood Blvd & it lost its grip, slid off the top, & careened off the side of my car into the middle turn lane. (sob)  Several onlookers watched in horror as the device toppled corner-over-corner finally resting a lane over from where I was.

Then a car going the opposite direction drove over it while making a left turn. (!!!)

Did his device survive? Yes, and in better nick than suspected. He writes

Besides 6-7 hard nicks on the magnesium casing & lots of scratches to the backside paint (click photo to the right to see the detail of the damage) … THE GLASS IS FULLY INTACT & DEVICE COMPLETELY FUNCTIONAL.

Now of course giving your device that lived-in feel by giving it a road-rash is not really recommended, but I think the story is worth the few scuffs the tablet gained in the process.

Are our readers now even more confident in the durability of their Surface tablet? Let us know below.


  • Chris Jeong

    From the picture alone, I wouldn’t have guessed that it fell from the roof of the car. It looks like regular scratches and scuffs over time. Pretty amazing. Can’t wait for the Surface Pro

  • the person

    I think he will settle for a few nicks vs a completely ruined tablet.
    I doubt the iAnything would have survived end over end tumble.

  • Darren-mc

    I dropped my sons brand new one…was I pleased to find out that it had just worked afterwards.!!

  • alukard

    I’m not rich enough to try that but I’m happy to take his word on it.

  • Jerry Bandy

    My wife accidentally pushed our Surface off of the night stand onto the tile floor. I had to look really close to even see a tiny mark.

  • Mr looper

    show the screen dude

  • John smith

    I was so excited when I first got my surface that I ran upstairs to tell my wife. I tripped and slammed it into the wall….. My wall now has a hole in it

  • Eingoluq

    Seems like they have scratched the surface.

  • hysonmb

    That’s not much damage considering the situation! Good quality materials.
    He’s lucky that cover was on though. The screen down drop tests I saw online seem to not take much to shatter.

  • Pasan Gonakumbura

    Big deal, I just did this today with a cheap chinese android table (Ainol Novo 7 Crystal), and it doesn’t even have a cover, just a screen protector. The corner texture is chipped from cartwheeling, and the screen protector is scratched up, but the screen and digitizer are just fine. So yeah, the Surface better stand up to a wildebeest stampede, because, this story is nothing special.