Microsoft Surface tablet European availability rumoured


A recent discovery by Hellshock reveals the Italian Microsoft website contains a link to Surface within the ‘Products’ section, which poses the question- will Microsoft’s Surface cover the world?

In addition to this, Surface is now listed in European Countries such as France, Italy and  the United Kingdom.  Microsoft is thought to be working with local retailers  to provide the Surface to European customers.  Earlier leaks have suggested that the Microsoft Surface will be available in Australia day and date with US availability on the 26th October.  This could mean that European customers may not have long to wait for Surface to turn up in their local stores. 

Are our readers excited?  Let us know below. 

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  • @Liam_Ruff

    Hell yeah! This better come to the UK, I’d rather this then the Samsung Ativ tab

    • Bugbog

      I’ll Double-down on that! :)

  • Justin Peters

    I want it now. In the netherlands. Pro version please. Thanks.

    • pdexter

      Pro version will be next year. Something that pains me because i really want that Surface Pro, but i need my X86 W8 tablet before years end for school.
      So it’s likely HP or Asus for me.

  • Luis Matoso

    Yes, I’m saving my money since the first day Microsoft shows Surface

  • Ab Ra

    Please MS hury up…I have my money together for one RT and Pro version….

  • Mans550

    It’s all about the pricing for most people inc me. I’m only considering the ATIV tab as it has 3g/4g built in. but If the price is right then i will buy the surface as it looks soo much better

  • Ro

    I want a Pro in Romania!

  • neoicr(Isaí)
  • Stuart Downes

    I keep throwing my credit card at the screen but IT’S NOT WORKING.