Microsoft Surface tortured, baked in an oven at 250 degrees

It seems the fashion these days is to test expensive gadgets to destruction.

CNET posted the above video of the Microsoft Surface running the gauntlet, which included putting it in a freezer, using it as a skate board, baking it a 250 degrees and frying an egg on it.

The brave device was eventually killed by a glass of wine, having taken much more than can really be expected of any non-military gadget.

Do our readers think the tablet proved itself? Let us know below.



  • Davey

    Ok… Oh to have such a disposable income! $600 tablet!!!!

    Keep away from liquid… Got it.

  • Lucas

    This is ridiculous. A nexus 10 would have teared apart after bveing used as a skateboard, thrown from a height taller than him and would have been dead with wine in its plugs too (because he used that container so the wine stayed there and what is worse, it fell to the plug). Molly threw the iPhone from her waist and it is considerably smaller

  • Martin Spierings

    Wow, pretty amazing stuff from this device. I wouldn’t expect it to survive everything, but i’m still amazed by the cold and heat tests. The wine was pretty destructive (i’m guessing even more then the skateboard), but not sure what happend. Did it go into the speaker holes or something? The skateboard was pretty nice, allthough i’m guessing you bent it by sitting on it, causing more pressure on the center.

    Height drop didn’t surprise me too. The flat landing is always better, but the big height onto asphalt hitting it on the corner is pretty destructive for any device.

    Kind of overdone, but still pretty impressive results.

  • hysonmb

    Molly ALWAYS takes her devices after the water tests and carefully turns them off then allows them to dry for a day or day before turning them on again. They need to stick with a consistent test criteria for these to hold any value. The same guy tested the Lumia 900 and it failed after he jumped in a pool then immediately tried to use it.

  • donzebe

    After the cold and heat test on the same device in such a sort span I did not expect it to survive any other torture.

  • WarrenCush

    what seemed weird to me as soon as he poured the wine it started freaking out, ive never seen a devise as soon as a liquid hit it i went crazy. usually it has to soak in before it starts acting up, but he did putit in a freezer and then an oven. dont know what was the time lasp between test, as far as im concerned no other tablet can do that so it passed for me