Microsoft Surface vs Google Nexus 10 shows the advantage of desktop-class browsing

Armando posted part 1 of his comparative review of the Microsoft Surface RT vs the Google Nexus 10 tablet.

His video interestingly shows that the super-high res screen on the Nexus 10 is in fact a disadvantage due to image upscaling, and that IE10 is generally a better browser than Chrome on Android.

Keep an eye on his channel for the next 5 videos in the series.


  • Ef Jay

    Why don’t these reviewers ever use Bing, the homepage alone makes it worth it. Who wants to see the boring google homepage?

  • GG002

    He hit the nail on the head! This is (one of the things) what I try to explain to people is the difference between all other tablets and the Surface.

  • ustudio

    good video where the rest of them

  • jack frost

    Finally someone who can tell the differences with the surface and the other tablets…the true features and benefits of the surface. I have a second gen iPad and now I bought the surface and I can’t put the damn thing down, it goes everywhere with me…iWhat?

  • Bugbog

    Excellent comparison: comparing them on the basis of their respective strengths. But let’s hope remains objective and not biased in Microsoft’s favour!

    (Can that really be the way Chrome displays on the N10? ’cause it looks positively horrid! And for platform that its proponents hail as having the best browser, it really doesn’t seem all that great? Not bad, actually. But nowhere near IE10?!)

    • just

      I have Nexus 7 with quad core and it lag also and I’m using chrome.

    • GG002

      I second @3ccd79251117318f6d38479e6c61e201:disqus’s statement. I don’t own Nexus 7, but I have used it quite extensively. The browser is a lagfest. Totally ridiculously laggy.

  • Gavin Tom

    lol the points I get on bing are awesome bought a bunch of games already for free.

  • TJ

    You can change the preferences in Android tablets to request desktop sites. So the browsing experience should remain same.

  • Daniel Guenter

    Looks nice, sigh. Won’t buy one till they let me run my own code without a 99/yr fee. Have to stick/develop with open nexus devices until MS comes around.

  • porn

    16:34 => Porn

  • sggodsell

    This is the Intel windows 8 tablet not the rt version. So not a fair comparison. Intel vs arm.