Microsoft Surface With TouchCover Models Sold Out, Orders For Shipment Pushed To 1-2 Weeks


After few hours of started taking pre-orders for Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Store indicated that the basic model of Surface which sells for $499 got sold out and the orders will be delivered only after 3 weeks. Today, the rest of the Surface SKUs got sold out and the order of shipments pushed back to 1-2 weeks. So, you can’t order a Microsoft Surface unit in US for about 1-2 weeks from now. I guess we will be able to order Surface from Oct-26th(the day Windows 8 is getting released) again.

Did you order one already?




  • Karim Languedoc

    Yep, I bought mines on the 17th..went with the 32gb w/ touch cover

  • disqustingtard

    Waiting for the Nokia offering.

  • Subramanian Iyer

    I got mine ordered on 16th.. hope it arrives on time.

  • John Hough

    I’m waiting for the x86 version. LOVE seeing this selling well on pre-orders though 😀

  • Smity Smiter

    Why no numbers yet? Did it smash ipad/iphone records already!? 😀

  • Albaraa Althagafi

    Are there any news about the Surface pro and when will it be available ?

  • Vincent McLaughlin

    @google-66015d0b33fdd9463e231333174bbcd2:disqus it most likely has not out sold iPad, as far as units sold. Microsoft didn’t produce as many units, compared to iPads. Despite the numbers, I would be inclined to say that the Surface sold equally well, if you’re not counting sheer numbers. Either way, I think the Surface & other Win8 devices will sell pretty well. Will it sell as well as iPad overall, only time will tell.
    Once everyone gets past the idea that these device are strictly consumption devices and that some models are actual laptop replacement, in terms of specs and usage, they will sell much better. The other thing to consider too, a lot of people just don’t like the idea that MS has changed the OS in such a extreme way. But, just like the gas prices, people will buy, despite of.

    • Smity Smiter

      when you come to think of it, they haven’t changed drastically.
      Technically start menu is just ONE part of the OS [you know, technically], a lot of the rest have minute changes, which will later evolve and the transition would probably go unnoticed (the ribbon, flat buttons, centered window titles etc).

    • Cylton Collymore

      surface RT is not strictly a consumption device. Technically or otherwise. Windows RT is a FULL OS.

      Android and iOS are consumption oriented os’

      • Guest

        Let’s clarify this a it more.
        Windows RT (Windows Runtime) is a consumer only device limited to only running apps from the the Microsoft Store on the device. To date there are over 5K apps avaialbe, but htis varies for each region. To such for the number available for your region do a serach using the asterisk “*” as the search string and the available app count will be shown.
        You CANNOT install anything else on it, that does not come from the Microsoft Store application.
        ***Windows RT is a full OS for SurfaceRT only,*** and has ***absolutely no backwads compatibility*** with all Windows-based x86/x64 applications. It is bound ***exclusivly*** to Windows Store applications only as defined on the website and as has been announced since before the product was released.
        Yes MSOffice is on the Surface and runs in the desktop app just like Windwos 8, but that is the only allowed application to run there.
        If you need to use OLDER Windows-based x86/x64 applications (iTunes, photoshop, autocad, Quickbooks, etc), WindowsRT/SurfaceRT is not the device for you, except as a companion device to Windwos 8 Pro.
        Windows SurfacePRO is and it does not release until 90 days after the release of WindowsRT/SurfaceRT. So, sometime early 2013 (think January-february timeframe)
        So when you get your SufaceRT do not be confused when you try to install anyting that did not come from the Microsoft Store on the device.
        None of what I am saying here is new / news, it has been reported and talked about all over the web well before the prodcut release.

        • mrdeezus

          I am not confused. I bought it for what it is a consumption device with the capability to run pc programs. I ordered a 64gb.

  • ustudio

    It will probably sell out on launch day at stores to I want 64 with a red white or blue cover

  • Hotcakes New Media

    I ordered a 64GB version as soon as it went on pre-order in Canada. I just got an email notice that my order was delayed and that I won’t get it now until November 2nd. That is so not cool Microsoft. I pre-ordered so I could get it on launch day. Am I the only one who got the delay? Are all 64GB models delayed in Canada?

    • Radev2109

      Same here, UK. Pre ordered on 16th, 32Gb with touch keyboard, e-mail confirmed 26th for delivery, now just got e-mail advising of change of delivery to 2nd November, well pissed off…..:(

  • goodbar development

    Your welcome for the tip :) Glad to see the Surface selling out, I already had mine ordered :)

  • Ruufus

    64gb ordered the 17th. Receipt says delivered on the 26th. Fingers crossed. Only regret couldn’t get cyan cover with 64gb.