Microsoft Surface With Windows RT To Cost Below $350?

 Even though Microsoft has started marketing its upcoming Surface tablet, details on the pricing is still kept as a secret. We got a hint on the Surface pricing today via is running a contest where grand prize winner will receive one (1) Microsoft Surface Tablet and one (1) copy each of Windows 8 For Dummies, and Surface For Dummies books.

They have mentioned the approximate retail value of $350.00 USD for the prize which included Microsoft Surface and couple of other books. Are you ok with the below ~$350 pricing for the Windows RT tablet which will come with Touch Cover as well?

Thanks Joe for the heads up.

  • donzebe

    Reasonable price

  • PutMyNameHere

    I’ll buy it if it really is as low as $350 even though I’m also planning on getting Pro once those become available (since I’m looking for a true laptop replacement).

  • MJB

    I would absolutely jump at a sub-$350 WinRT tablet.

  • valapsp

    Yup but only if below $350.

    • Bugbog

      I’ll still pay $500! My pocket will be crying, but I’ll still get it!

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    Microsoft Surface RT will come in 32GB and 64GB flavors.
    iPad costs $600, $700 for the same storage.

    I believe that the surface RT will come with Office 2013 and cover.

    You probably won’t see an RT (without office/cover) for less than $500. You probably see it more around $700+.

    That being said, I won’t be surprised if Microsoft discounts them to the new year like they are doing with Windows 8. So, you /may/ be able to walk out with a 32GB Surface RT for $350 until the first of the year. Then after the first it will go to it’s normal pricing.

    • Justin Sangoi

      If the 64gb RT is 700+ what is a reasonable price for the Pro version then? 1000? 1100? Will that compete with the iPad?

      No no no, I would be surprised to NOT see the Pro version selling for the same as the top iPad. The RT has to be reasonably lower priced to compete.

      Microsoft doesn’t want to compete with Apple. They want to crush them and the only way to do that, is to get in to the tablet market with a more capable tablet at the same or better pricing than Apple’s offerings.

      • The__Truth__Hurts

        Expect the Surface Pro 128GB to be $1000. Expect the Surface Pro 64GB to slot in at $900. These are ULV Intel CPU’s with 1080p displays. These are “ultrabook” equivalents. Acer already confirmed their pricing for their Pro tablets (similar hardware, including display) and they are between $800 to $1000.

        Expect that to include the cover and stylus. And possibly Office 2013.

        The Surface Pro is MORE of an MBA competitor, not an iPad competitor and will be priced as such.

        Surface RT? Be price around the iPad. So expect between $600 and $800. (and include Office and the cover).

        Yes, it may be expensive, but with what it will come with, it’s a (far) better deal than the iPad/MBA & equivalent devices.

        • Jdrm03

          the display resolution i would say has little to do with pricing…the kindle hd 8,9 has a superior display then the surface rt and is only 299

          • The__Truth__Hurts

            Look at the hardware. Also, keep in mind that Amazon is (literally) almost making no profit on those.

          • Jdrm03

            omap4470 dual core that came out earlier this year vs a tegra 3 that came out last year.

          • The__Truth__Hurts

            The Kindle fire that is “similar” costs $370 (32GB)
            Kindle Fire (cheap plastic), Surface (Magnesium)
            Kindle Fire (few ports), Surface (many ports)
            Kindle Fire (only front camera), Surface (front/rear cameras)

            The kindle Fire costs significantly less to make than the Surface RT.

            Also, keep in mind the Fire is ad supported, so “real cost” of that 32GB Fire, could be over $400.

            Maybe a better comparison would be the Asus Transformer Infinity. 32GB with 1920x1200p display comes (already) in at $500.

        • Truitt Dill

          i disagree if you look at the pricing range that microsoft gave us i think they are planning to sell the 128gb pro for $800 the 64gb pro for $700 and then the RT 32gb for $300 and 64gb for $400. I think those are all very reasonable prices saying that they will make additional money form the Store and xbox music. Selling a reasonably price RT tablet is the best way to pull in loads of money from services like those. You have bulk tablets out there and then you will theoretically be able to sell out all of the services that can go along with it for additional money.

          • The__Truth__Hurts

            If you heard what Microsoft said, Microsoft said that the pricing of these tablets will be COMPARABLE to devices that are already there.

            Those who think they are going to walk out with a 32GB RT tablet for $300 or a 64GB RT tablet for $400, are wishing too hard.

            Oh, and if they come at those prices, don’t expect getting a cover, stylus or Full Office 2013.

            Expect no less than $600 for the 32GB RT to $1000 for the 128GB pro.

            And that is with Stylus, cover, Office 2013.

          • Bugbog

            Office Won’t be full! You still have to pay to activate it! It’ll just be bundled in on all RT units as a limited demo. If you don’t want it, you won’t be paying for it. But if you do, then..

          • mitchbomcanhao

            That is incorrect. Office for win rt isn’t complete yet, and users will have a preview version that will freely upgrade to the final version when it becomes available.

          • Bugbog

            They don’t even have to justify it with additional elements!

            Just opening offer prices! It just won’t be discounted after 6 months, by which time they may recoup the unit cost across the board!

  • deathdealer351

    I was loving the $199 price. 250/299 would be ok. But id rather spend the extra on the pro version

  • alukard

    money is ready and waiting RELEASE THE BEAST!!!

  • Jacob Bearce

    I think $299 would be a fantastic price, and is what I expect. Even $399 would be great, but I think at $299 it’s cheap without feeling too cheap. And we’ve known the Touch Cover is going to come with the Surface for ages, on, under “About” there’s a paragraph that clearly states it comes with a Touch Cover.

    • Truitt Dill

      i agree 😀 its a great selling price. not to high but at the same time you still make profit off of the product and continue to profit after the sale from the windows store.

    • Oli

      I think they were saying the cover is at no extra cost. It has not been said whether the cover comes with the Surface whether you want it or not, either..

  • Wheez

    Ill pay anything up to 600€without even blinking for the Surface, cos it’s simply the only tablet that does even close what I want them to do. Sadly there is no alternative announced that I could accept for the time being

  • Sunovavic

    I wonder what will intel do when they slowly lose their advantage over ARM when more and more Windows Store Apps (Metro) come out.

  • Anthony IamTiger Lee

    I would buy two…

  • Truitt Dill

    i hope they keep it starting at around 300-350. i think it would be great seller at that price

  • Justin Peters

    I cant belive they price it that cheap. If it is that cheap i would run in my undies to the store to buy one. And then ill wait for the Pro, but have some fun with the RT version till then.

    There is also a price barrier, if they price it too low, the consumers will think it is crap. If they price it too high, no one will buy it. It has to be priced at a delicate line.

  • surface8

    for that price I wil buy 3

  • the person

    I’ll be first in line at midnight at my holiday store if that turns out to be the price.

  • markjonson

    I noticed that a few days ago. The Microsoft Store site also says that the Touch Cover keyboard is included, something that Microsoft has not officially confirmed anywhere else yet.

  • Guest

    Do you honestly think, that nobody has managed to get a hold of Surface’s price, and knows? And then you set up people for a disappointment, if it comes out more than $350? Common sense is becoming less and less common these days!

  • Pierre Venescar

    I would defintely get a surface. Quick

  • kalval

    I was planning on picking one up on the 26th, but for this price I’ll definitely make it 2. It would definitely sell out if they price it under $350.

  • Rico Alexander

    I doubt if MS would tell these guys pricing info.

  • DJRipster

    $300 would have been a great price, but $350 would still be a very competitive price

  • goodbar development

    You’re welcome for the tip! :)

  • tomakali

    and that price will SHIT on ipads and other junkTabs so so badly…

  • Mark Matheson

    If $350 is the RRP, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Amazon and others sell it for $329