Microsoft takes a guerrilla approach to advertising Surface tablets


Microsoft has recently published a series of ads for their Surface tablet in cities in California, Texas, Massachusetts, Washington and Chicago.

With the ads being painted on street walls and car wash buildings, Microsoft appears to have taken a different approach to advertising.   Some may argue that the Surface ads are cheaper in comparison to other Microsoft products and services, whereas others argue they are integrating street art with advertising, thus creating an innovative way of publicising their tablet.  One thing is for sure, their quirky idea has caught the attention of not only Microsoft users, but also the general public.

The Microsoft Surface tablet will be introduced later this month, where it will undoubtedly compete with other tablet computers that run Android, such as the: Kindle Fire of Amazon and Google’s Nexus 7 in addition to the Apple iPad.  The Microsoft surface will be available through 20 Microsoft stores around the country as well as over 30 pop up stores in major shopping centres and other retail locations.   In addition, the tablet is rumoured to also be available at major retailers around the world including many countries in Europe.



  • CokeZero

    Really like the advertising.

  • Breakingillusions

    i like this approach its unique and different

  • Beezer

    I like it. Appealing graffiti.

  • Omz9

    It’s stupid and they should at least include one of those ‘tags’ so people can look it up and know why the word ‘surface’ is printed in the middle of a square. Different but does it really get the point across.

  • John Doherty

    “it will undoubtedly compete with other tablet computers that run Android, such as the: Apple iPad” … Uh, I think you need to fix this sentence, since the iPad does not run Android.

  • sumedh kumar

    I love it.. Its nice to see something different … Tired of seeing posters….