Microsoft takes Bing-it-on challenge to the streets, TV

imageIt seems the success of Smoked by Windows Phone went to Microsoft’s heads, as they now have a taste for head to head comparisons between their and rival’s products.

According to their stats those who took their Bing-it-on challenge chose Bing 2:1 over Google, but of course probably only Bing users knew about the challenge in the first place.

Now it seems Microsoft will be running TV spots featuring street challenges similar to Smoked by Windows Phone hoping to spread the message that Bing is better than Google.

With Google’s market cap recently (and briefly) exceeding Microsoft’s, and Google still extremely dependent on search ads for their income, it has become increasingly urgent for Microsoft to win ground and mindshare as a serious competitor in this space. Hopefully they will keep the pressure up.


  • Wheez

    I actually recently changed my Firefoxs default search engine into Bing to give it a shot for a bit more than few searches here and there. Works just as well as Google for the most parts, but I sorta miss few of the things I got used to with Google like fe. when searching for Microsoft Surface theres the “News about Microsoft Surface” that gathers all kinds of sites together. Same with certain sites, as I’m really lazy to use bookmarks (I dont use any) I’m just used to searching with certain things and used to that google finds it with that keyword, but with Bing it might not work the exact same and I might have to extend on the keywords 😀

  • AS147

    They need to try to embarass the participants less. Their target is Google not the folks they are asking to take part.

  • John Smith

    I used to use Google just because everone else said to but after downloading the windows 8 preview and using bing in ie10 I’ve fallen in love with it.