Microsoft Takes On Apple iPad With A New Ad Promoting Dell XPS 10

We have already seen in the past where Microsoft made fun of Apple iPad in ads by comparing it with Windows tablets. This time, Dell XPS 10 is compared to Apple iPad. The  above video ad shows the multitasking capabilities of  Windows RT in Dell XPS 10 which is absent in iPad, the ability to have microSD card inserted into Dell XPS 10, and the semantic zoom option available in Windows RT to have an overview of contents.

At last, the main difference between them is the price. Apple iPad 32GB costs $599 whereas Dell XPS 10 32GB costs just $399.

  • BJ

    love it. Microsoft is doing to apple what apple did to them.

    • arrow2010

      Not really. There is nothing objectively wrong with an iPad, wheres PCs in 2005 were virus-ridden nightmares.

      • Truthhz

        “There is nothing objectively wrong with an iPad”

        Yes there is. As a real computer and productivity device, it stinks. iPad is a good consumption device.

        “wheres PCs in 2005 were virus-ridden nightmares”

        That’s BS. You can’t generalize about hundreds of millions of machines.
        That’s like saying all Macs in 2005 were slow, expensive bricks that didn’t run any software.
        I’m glad MS is making these commercials. Did you know Apple made 66 of those stupid Mac vs PC commercials!!! Talk about shoving a lot of BS.

  • Bugbog

    This has the potential to turn Siri into a joke! (A literal caboose around the neck of IOS tablets!)

  • Tirinti

    It’s great that Microsoft knows that microSD card is very important and that photos should be taken by camera. They should tell it Nokia or ask Dell to make proper high end Windows Phone without hipster camera and with micro SD.

  • leharmeerak

    I wish they could do same video for xbone vs ps4, but wait a minute…

  • jvs

    But the iPad has an USB 3 where you can connect a card reader and over 400,000 USB devices.
    Oh, wait, that is the Surface.

  • Duel

    Sorry microsoft, this isnt helping your case. IPad can do over300 000 things which windows RT cant, yeah i know, hard to beat that.

    I mean i want windows RT but end of the day there just isnt point to buy one.

    • blakjedi

      That is pure hyperbole. there is nothing an ipad can do that and RT cannot. there are plenty of things an RT can do that a iPad does not do. 300K apps are are not 300K capabilities. If my people condenses twitter, facebook and linkedin thats three less apps i need. And the ten thousand apps that mimic facebook, twitter and linkedin go in the garbage. Thats thirty thousand apps that evaporate from your stupid list right there.

      Walk away from your keyboard… please.

      • Duel

        “That is pure hyperbole. there is nothing an ipad can do that and RT cannot.” Thats 100% lie and everyone knows that, sorry if truth hurts.

        • blakjedi

          Instead of random hyperbole since you saif 100% lie. Please provide examples of things you can do on an iPad that you cannot do on RT.

          • Duel

            How can i use flstudio on windows rt tablet and hook it with my guitar and use my windows tablet as guitar effect machine? Im very interested to know.

            This is the thing which keep me away buying wp phone, so can rt tablet do this?

            Also i want plug my midikeyboard to my tablet.

      • wp77

        Don’t forget you can fart in 160 different languages on an iPad.

    • vcfan

      can the ipad run flash content from millions and millions of websites? that alone beats all the apps. id like to see what kind of comeback you have for that one.

      • Duel

        Yes it can, try puffin, last version actually works very well. For example this is one of the most famous flash site Works perfectly smooth with iPad. Well the site isnt anymore like it used to be, one of the best looking fash site.