Microsoft Takes On Google Chromebook In The Latest Scroogled Series Of Ads

Microsoft started the Scroogled campaign in an effort to teach consumers about how Google invades their privacy and sells their data to advertisers. The latest ad in the series is aimed at consumers who might buy Google Chromebook for its cheap price tags. In the above ad, Microsoft points out the main drawback of Chromebook becoming essentially useless when you don’t have Internet. And they also points out the ways in which Google sells their data to make money.

 At Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, it’s all about separating the real deal from the imitation—and the Google Chromebook sticks out like a sore thumb. Rick and his crew are leery of the Chromebook—and you should be, too. See for yourself in this video.

 Of course, there is a message at the bottom of the video that Windows laptops are different. A Windows PC delivers everything you need a computer to do, online and offline.

Check out the website here. It contains lots of information about Chromebook and its cons.

  • V.A.N.

    So much disinformation, it’s pathetic. The Chromebook can be used offline. LOL…the only way Microsoft can rise to the top, is by trying to pull their competition down.

    • nohone

      Yes, it is disinformation. Top 10 things the Chromebook can be used for offline:

      1) Door stop
      2) Paper weight
      3) Something to stick under the leg of that wobbly table
      4) Something to throw at people if they break into your house
      5) Traction for your car if you get stuck in the snow, just wedge it under your tire
      6) It has USB, charge your cell phone
      7) Chromebook is a perfect cutting board to carve that Thanksgiving turkey upon
      8) I am always losing my memory cards, Chromebook has a memory card slot. Use Chromebook as a place to safely store and remind you where those memory cards are for when you need to use them in a real computer, such as a Surface 2
      9) A 16GB “portable” disk drive (minus space taken up by the OS)
      10) It can be used as an example to show friends and family what not to buy

      • Ben A

        but not all features that can be used for offline. so chromebook is no best. for programs, its no offline, those web html apps requires online.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Non-sense, Chromebooks use 1 browser ¿did you forget why the E.U. successfully sued Microsoft twice for half a billion Dollars? and it requires mostly on-line apps, and if you have visited the Chrome web store you’ll notice how most Cloud apps require the internet. + There is a huge double standard in the tech industry, Google Android comes shipped with 2 browsers, Google’s Android Browser and Google Chrime, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, iMacs, iBooks and Macintoshes all come shipped with Apple Safari, most Linux O.S.’es come with either Firefox, Waterfox, Google Chrome or other browsers, some Chromebooks come with Google Chromium, Asha comes with the Nokia Xpress Browser, yet the only O.S. to have ever been sued for being shipped with a browser is Windows, only Windows, if everyone else ships their browser no-one bats an eye, if Microsoft does it it has to pay a billion Dollars.

      Apple even has restrictions on who and why apps can be published for their platform, Windows is practically Open Source in how much you can do to make apps, yet people call Microsoft ”monopolistic” and Apple ”Innovative”, double standards, double standards everywhere.

      • krayziehustler

        You hit the nail right on the head.

      • free2

        This shows a complete lack of understanding about the EU ruling.its about abusing a monopoly positing in 1 market to abuse another.

        • Bugbog

          Err, Google Shopping? Google Apps?

          • free2

            Really are you claiming google shopping has a monopoly on online shopping or Google apps on office suites.

    • Sugadevan

      bro, never go full retard 😀

    • donzebe

      How much can you do with The Chromebook offline ?
      That’s what the competition have been doing for years; trying to pull Microsoft down.

      • grs_dev

        You CAN power it on. So the power button doesn’t require wifi

    • DigTheNoise

      They’re not pulling the competition down, they’re calling them out.

      • free2

        Can you tell type of app that cannot run offline on a chrome book? The problem with your incorrect presumption about chromebooks is around 76% of US universities in the US are deploying them. All but 1 of the ivy league have them deployed. The new generation are already using these devices, they know this is BS and how does this make Microsoft look in their eyes. These short term negative campaigns are not in Microsoft’s best interests.

        • DigTheNoise

          Our company uses MS Office and Adobe suites. Ever so hip, our graphic artist wants to move from her MacBook (our last Mac … and we have PC for her because she can’t do everything she needs on that Mac) to her Chromebook and edit her documents and projects while offline. How? All I could do was shrug at her.

          • free2

            Lol really I wouldn’t be asking you for advice. Google docs just works offline. Unlike other office suites it doesn’t tie you to a platform or document format. Is that all you can think off?

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Microsoft seems to be the only company openly pointing out that Google isn’t perfect, I’m sick of people praising that company that only knows how to sell ads, Google can do anything and get away with it (well, not at Apple’s scale, but still), the media is 100% to Appoogle and will deny even the smallest of flaws, the consumers have a right to know that their God isn’t perfect.

    • GG002

      Totally agree. The worst part, according to me, is still that Microsoft is getting shit for it from a lot of iDiots and Scrooglonians, even though their deities are or have been doing exactly the same, whether Scroogle-style campaign or silently (such as screwing over people who want to use Google services on non-Google products. E-x-a-c-t-l-y the same).

  • donzebe

    Well done Microsoft. Many more ads that help educate the consumers are needed.