Microsoft Takes On Google With A New Ad On Gmail Spamming Its Own Users

Microsoft started Scroogled campaign last year to educate consumers about how Google crosses the privacy line to target and deliver ads. They scan your email content to deliver ads related to it. For example, if you and your doctor are exchanging some information about the problem you have, Google will deliver ads on the problem you had. Recently, they have stepped up their efforts to deliver ads to consumers in a more direct way. They will send ad emails to your Inbox. Yes, for the first time ever, an email provider spams their own users with ads. You can watch the above video to see how it works.

Please sign the petition to stop Google from going through personal email to sell ads.


Source: Microsoft


  • acwalt

    I’m not going to sign the petition, I want google to keep this up. Then more people will stop using them. They don’t deserve the chance to change it, people should just leave in droves.

    • S_A_R_K_I_S

      ^ This !

    • Kazi

      Totally agree, they have to eat own sh*t

    • BombayBuddy

      What’s the difference? The NSA is reading all of them anyway. At least Google didn’t have the audacity to run ads against MS about privacy, while handing over emails to the NSA the whole time. Fucking hypocrites.

      • nohone

        Google constantly attacks Microsoft publically. They have an official blog they use to attack Microsoft. When you go to Google’s web page with IE, they put up a big banner telling you to switch. They put out press releases stating that they are switching away from Windows because of Microsoft’s privacy and other policies. The only hypocrites that I see are the ones who are willing to accept anything from Google, while condemning Microsoft for doing much less or not at all in exploiting you and your private data.
        And remember, it was Schmidt who said that if you don’t want your data known, you shouldn’t do it on the internet – and then deleted a bunch of data that he didn’t want people to know about him.

        • BombayBuddy

          Google advertised one of their products on their own website?! Say it ain’t so!

          None of the “attacks” you’ve described exhibit the glaring hypocrisy MS has displayed.

          While I don’t know about the incident you describe, it sounds as if Schmidt was following his own advice.

          • nohone

            No, the hypocrisy is that Google puts out ads attacking IE, telling you to get a better browser. Google runs a smear campaign claiming Microsoft is stealing from them. And all that is deemed good. For years Apple ran ads directly attacking Microsoft, their partners, PCs, and PC users. And the people who whore themselves out to Apple loved it for sticking it to “the man.” But Microsoft turns it around, and gives back to them what they gave to Microsoft, and it is called, as one Apple fanboy here likes to repeat over and over, desperate, or using your own words, hypocritical. Google and Apple deserve every bit they get. And to people like you and the other fanboys who have had their little feelings hurt, well, too bad. Deal with it.

          • BombayBuddy

            I can recognize when MS runs a good ad. Their ad showing the benefits of it’s tablet over the iPad is one of the very few quality ads they put out. Not only is it well put together, much of what they say in it is true.

            What I can’t stand is MS running ads saying, “LOOK AT THEM OMG THEY’RE READING YOUR EMAIL.. YOUR PRIVACY IS AT STAKE!!” All the time in the background they’re sitting there helping the NSA gain access to Hotmail and Outlook emails.

            I think Google and Apple can handle it man. They’re not going anywhere.

          • Nohone

            Just like Google and Apple are helping out the NSA. here is how it works – if the US government has a court order, Micosoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, or any other company that does business in the US, and continues to want to do business in the US, needs to comply with that court order. It is very different than a company takes your personal data and uses it in whatever way they wish. Google is taking your data, and selling it to the highest bidder. And people like you are ok with that, and then turning around and complaining because Microsoft is doing with the US government what Google themselves are forced to do, all while ignoring what Google does with that information so they can make a buck. Google is going much further than what All companies are forced to do, and you are excusing Google for their actions while condemning Microsoft for what Google is doing themselves.

          • BombayBuddy

            |Just like Google and Apple are helping out the NSA.|

            I KNOW. That’s a different discussion for a different thread. These other companies weren’t running ads touting their superior privacy policies! How do you not comprehend this?

            Why would Google sell my data? Most of their income is from ads. If anything, they use the data themselves to do targeted ads.

          • Nohone

            I comprehend it quite well, it is you who does not in that Microsoft, just like Google, needs to give data to the government if forced to by law. Ad you trying to say that it is a different discussion is just trying to sidestep the fact that google goes beyond what Microsoft does.

            Google would, and does, sell your data so that they can get more money. They make very little to nothing off of services, Android, Chrome, etc. so they need a way to increase their revenue. They sit on a huge databank of personal information about you, me, and millions of other people. Use that information to inform companies who advertise with them about the people who see their ads, and they get more money from it.

            I know you want to find some way, any way to glorify google while demonizing Microsoft, but Google is doing what Microsoft does with the government, but doing much, much more. And for somebody who seems so concerned about privacy, you seem very eager to allow your personal information to be sold by Google to the highest bidder.

          • BombayBuddy

            Holy shit you’re dumb.

            I KNOW GOOGLE HAS TO FOLLOW US LAW JUST AS MS DOES. They hand over data just as MS does. I fucking KNOOOWWWWW.

            I don’t trust Google to protect my privacy any more than MS does. If there’s something I want to keep private, I won’t be sending over email. That means Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, whateverthefuck.

            I’ll say this again because you don’t seem to be getting it. I get that BOTH companies were just “following orders”. What I find hypocritical is MS running ads touting their privacy while handing over data the whole time. I realize Google was handing over data just the same. They weren’t, however, running ads touting their privacy.

          • Guest

            “They weren’t, however, running ads touting their privacy.see more”
            Because in fact their privacy sucks. Is this all going to fast for you to follow?

          • BombayBuddy

            It’s you who doesn’t seem to follow. I wasn’t arguing that Google’s privacy policy was better. I was arguing that Google wasn’t being two faced. They knew they were also complying with the NSA so they didn’t run ads telling people how good their privacy was.

            Everyone who responds to me seems to take what I say in a direction in which they think they can win the argument.

          • first name

            The final straw for me was google demanding I provide a mobile number and name just to use services like youtube comments and gmail.

          • Guest

            Google doesn’t have superior privacy policies. So no shit they weren’t running ads saying so. Their business is in fact predicated on selling your privacy to their actually customers, which is advertisers. And please tell me you’re not holding Apple as an example of a company that isn’t hypocritical?

          • Guest

            Again, you fail to distinguish that the former is a stand they take voluntarily, while the latter is something they were forced into. Are you really so fucking stupid that you can’t figure out the difference?

          • grs_dev

            Wrong again, BombayBuddy.

            Google’s hypocrisy has to do with their claims about being web centric, yet they deliberately block Microsoft products when the product like IE or Windows Phone are very well within the boundaries of compliance.

            Microsoft doesn’t block Chrome although it could. Microsoft doesn’t block the Google spyware aka toolbar and of course it could.

            I think it’s about maturity and ethics. A fair fight is a fair fight. Google is made up of a couple of kids who have yet to figure “it” out and are led by an idiot who fucked up one of the most sure things in the history of IT just because, well just because he’s Eric Schit. I mean Schmidt.

            How ironic, if you take out the 3 letters that launch the closest thing to a DOS UI in Windows from the word Schmidt, you end up with shit.

            I never noticed that before…

          • BombayBuddy

            What do you mean “block products”? I can browse to MS’s website when I’m using Chrome. I can download IE if I wanted to (LOL yeah right). WTF are you talking about? Google can’t help it if WP is failing horribly.

            MS COULDN’T block Chrome because it would probably violate antitrust laws.

            On that fair fight comment.. Are you fucking kidding me? You’re saying an internet search company can take on, or even have an advantage, over a behemoth like MS

            Your last comment just doesn’t have anything to do with anything so I’ll leave it at that.

          • grs_dev

            You, BombayBuddy are a fucking moron. You just proved my point with your attempt at a rebuttal.

            Yes, there are no Microsoft propeties that are not accessible via chrome.

            No, not all google products or properties are accessible by microsoft W3C compliant products.

            Go do your homework before you come and open your mouth next time…

          • BombayBuddy

            Ohh you must be referring to the fact that MS doesn’t use the open standards that Google does. I guess you could cal that “blocking”. Poor little MS doesn’t have the resources to adapt /s.

          • grs_dev

            English is clearly a challenging language for you so is reality.

            I don’t have time to educate you. Please go do your homework then come and join the conversation. You’re welcome to discuss or debate whenever you actually get the facts straight. Not opinions, facts.

          • BombayBuddy

            After reading that first sentence, I believe it’s you that hasn’t quite grasped the English language.

            Lol. You don’t have time to “educate” me but plenty of time to insult me. How convenient.

            I’ll bring it back to my original comment:

            MS was complying with the NSA.
            Google was complying with the NSA.
            I don’t like that either was doing that.
            Google was not running ads touting their privacy
            MS was running ads touting their privacy
            MS was being hypocritical.

            The end.

          • grs_dev

            Microsoft could require IE only as a browser to access properties it owns and controls but it doesn’t because they learned from the past. They clearly have more than enough cash to tangle up in legal battles for years. Time has proven that those practices are not sustainable. It was time to move on, to mature.

            Google is simply repeating the lessons Microsoft learned years ago.

          • grs_dev

            Lol I think it’s hillariously symbolic that the letters that launch a command prompt in Windows when removed from Eric Schmidt’s name he’s left with the name Eric Shit.

            As ballmer once said: “Fucking Eric Schmidt is a fucking pussy!… I’m going to fucking bury that guy! I have done it before and I will do it again. I’m going to fucking kill Google.”

          • async2013

            Microsoft spent years making sure web pages wouldnt display correctly on competing browsers. dont think Microsoft are exempt from hypocrisy

      • grs_dev


        Look, at least the NSA has a semi valid excuse! They are tasked with protecting our country. What’s Google protecting.

        Just to correct your perception, the ad Microsoft produced has nothing to do with the NSA accessing Google’s, Microsoft’s, or Facebook’s data. It has to do with Google abusing its own users privacy.

        HUGE Difference BombayBuddy.

        • BombayBuddy

          Yeah! It’s okay to break the 4th amendment as long as they’re “protecting” us right?

          It’s idiots like you spreading that idea that’s keeping them in business. It’s NOT okay to search through everyone’s information without warrants no matter who is doing it.

          • Nohone

            No, it is the idiots like you who are trying to spread FUD to scare people to Google. There is no violation of the 4th Ammendment. The 4th ammendment states that there is no search and seizure without probable cause. If there is a court order, that means the company must hand over the data, something all US based companies must do. You are stretching things very far to try to prove that Google is ok to take your data, while Microsoft is wrong to hand over your data to the government, when Google uses your data for themselves, and when there is a court order, will hand your data over to the government just like Microsoft does but then goes the extra step of using it for themselves.

            To recap this for you, Microsoft will hand your data over to the government if required to by law. Google will hand your data over to the government if required to by law, but will also use it in any way they see fit to make money off of you.

          • BombayBuddy

            I swear you are the most dense motherfucker I’ve ever spoken to on the internet.

            Let me attempt to spell out my first post to you because you seem to be misunderstanding me horribly.

            -I’m not okay with ANY company collecting my data.
            -I’m smart enough to realize that if I’m using a free service online, I’m most likely the thing being monetized (selling data for ads ect.) If you think MS isn’t doing this then your kidding yourself.

            -I realize all US based companies are subject to US laws.

            -MS actions were hypocritical because they were handing data to the NSA (complying with the law) and running ads about privacy at the same time.
            -I’m not arguing that Google is okay to take it but MS isn’t. Idk where the fuck you go that idea.

          • Nohone

            And there we are. When it is shown how you are just trying to protect Google and condemn Microsoft, then you start with the personal attacks. Your bias is shown for everyone to see, and your own words will stand against you.

          • BombayBuddy

            Try reading past the first sentence.

          • Naveenangels

            @bombaybuddy:disqus : if you cant win an argument; just back off. Stop using foul language in here.
            BTW: you would find a lot of takers for your comments on androidcentral; so pl. spare us

          • BombayBuddy

            I guess we gauge if an argument was won by how many people respond? I think it’s more of an opinion actually.

            Also, others are using foul language so don’t forget to comment to them as well. You must be new to the internet so I’ll just inform you now. People use foul language. Grow the fuck up.

            All I’m doing is responding to messages so as soon as everyone quits replying, I’m done. Or am I missing the point of forums/disqus?

          • Naveenangels

            Thanks a lot for the education guru ji!!!
            Makes me wonder why the hell; disqus aint providing a report abuse option!
            Anyways your comments do not merit a response; so rant on 😀

          • BombayBuddy

            |Anyways your comments do not merit a response|

            He said in a response to me.

          • grs_dev

            @BombayBuddy I never said that. You are the idiot who suggested that so what if google does it. The gov is doing it and at least google does their own version of prism to help you find good deals on stuff whereas the gov doesn’t give you anything tangible in return.

            See, it’s idiots like you who take homeland security for granted. While you value the 50 cent discount google throws your way, you have no respect or appreciation to the work and effort that goes into ensuring that your ass can actually click that check out button without worrying about whether your life is gonna be there tomorrow!

            I never said what the nsa did, is doing is OK. I do however, think it’s for a good cause. See, the thing is, we here American buddies don’t necessarily always get everything perfectly right at the first attempt but generally we’re pretty damn close in most essential scenarios and eventually we find that equilibrium that makes the most desirable nation to live in on earth.

      • Guest

        MS’s stance on user privacy is decidedly different from Google’s. So why shouldn’t MS advertise it? Why does the fact that MS had to provide the Government with some user data, just as Google did, make that hypocritical? One is a choice, the other is legally mandated. Your argument comes down to suggesting that you’re a hypocritge is your lobby for lower txes while simultaneously paying your required taxes. Only a total fucking moron would make that particular argument, and you did.

    • grs_dev

      That’s just it. THEY CAN’T CHANGE IT. They, Google, do not have any alternatives! No way they can feed the beast without ad revenue.

  • david

    I don’t mind google reading my emails, hell the NSA read them too. Google gives me loads of great services in exchange for sending me targeted marketing, which in some cases has been really useful. Maybe Microsoft should offer people more ad-supported software and operating systems, as the old model of relentlessly handing over hundreds of dollars a year for licencing is starting to become unacceptable.

    • reKitab

      Lucky U, getting freewarez from Google:)

    • nohone

      When Microsoft does offer ad free apps, then people like you whine and complain relentlessly. For example, Microsoft put out some games for Win8 – Tap Tiles, Mahjong, and a few others. These games had ads. People were having a fit that they had to watch ads. So Microsoft made a change, where you could pay and the ads would disappear. People screamed once again, that they paid for the OS (Win8), and they should just get the games for free. This has nothing to do with ads, no ads, paid, not paid. It is all about finding some way to bitch and complain about every single thing that Microsoft does.
      And as for the NSA thing, really? You have no complaints about Google using this information? A few years ago, Windows Update would get a list of hardware that was installed on people’s computer, and then send that information back to Microsoft so that they find the available updates. People had a fit, that it was an invasion of privacy. So Microsoft would send the entire list of current updates, and people screamed that it was eating up their bandwidth. But finding out every detail about your life, where you are today, where you will be tomorrow, who you will be doing it with, with no control over how Google uses that information, how long they will keep it, who they will send it to so they can make a few pennies more.
      People like to talk about how Windows is such a big target for hackers, because how widespread it is used. If you were the NSA, a hacker, or just somebody sitting behind Google’s firewall and wanted to find out the most information, who would you hit first? Microsoft, who just has your email in a database, or Google, who has your email, and every detail about your life stored in a database. But then again, I guess it is OK for you, somebody who is a sheep and enjoys being told what to do, and how to do it because Google gave you an ad telling you what to buy and where to buy it.

      • david

        “When Microsoft does offer ad free apps, then people like you whine and complain relentlessly.”……………err no I don’t simply because I run Linux…………I stopped paying $400 for windows and Office licences – I got off that gravy train years ago, and I put the money into my Hardware, thats why I run a Toshiba Haswell i7 4700MQ Laptop and a water cooled Haswell 4770K with GTX 760 Video card and 480Gb SSD. Desktop Now if Microsoft released an ad supported Windows 8 OS I would install it on a virtual machine just for the novelty, because lets face it, it’s fucking useless. People use google because they offer the best service……deal with it.

        • grs_dev

          Why do Linuxites. Is that what you call those penguin looking users? Is it Linuxites or Linuxers? Who cares.

          Seriously though, if you’re a born again UNIX lover, and accepted Linus Torvalds as your kernel and savior. Why are you lurking on these clearly pro Microsoft sites?

          Only logical explanation to me, has got to be envy. In the case where females do things that are clearly out of the male playbook, that symptom is called penis envy. What would you call a Linux user trying to emulate Windows users?

        • nohone

          1) You paid $400 for Windows? You may want to blame yourself or who you bought it from rather than Microsoft, because they (not Microsoft) ripped you off.
          2) I have similar hardware, except for the graphics card since I do not play games. I assume you don’t, either, since you use Linux.
          3) Useless? Plenty of people make a living using Windows, many more than make a living off of Linux. But then you probably think those people are useless, too.
          4) If Google provides the best, then why are you, and more than a small handful of people using ChromeBook? Obviously that is not the best service. Why are people switching to Office 365 away from Google Docs? Obviously people are finding Office 365 the best service, since many millions of people use it over Google Docs. Why does Skype have millions more users, and growing, users than Google Voice? Obviously people find Skype more useful than Google Voice – nobody has asked me for my Google Voice address, but I do get many requests for my Skype address. If Google provides the best services, why has Azure and AWS far surpassed what Google AppEngine ever hoped to be? Obviously people find Azure more useful than AppEngine. If Google provided the best service, why are iTunes, Xbox Music, Xbox Movies, and others easily beating Google Play? Even the lowest of market share devices are beating Google TV. Obviously people find those media services much better than Google’s offerings.
          If Google provided the best services, why does Google, one after another, shut them down? Obviously people did not find Google Reader, iGoogle, Google Talk, Google Health, Knol, Picnik, Buzz, Aardvark, Sidewiki, Notebook (remember how that one was going to destroy OneNote and Evernote – oh, wait that was Keep, which will soon be sent off to the barren wasteland), Google Dictionary, Google Labs, Google Wave, SearchWiki, Dodgeball, Jaiku, Lively, Page Creator, Zeitgeist, Answers, and many, many more. If Google provided the best services, they would not be shutting these down, because people would have left the competition (Microsoft, Facebook, and others) because Google had the best offerings. But they are not, they are staying with Google’s competition, because Google is not the best as you would like to believe.
          Deal with it.

          • Sean

            1. Learn to read. A combination of Office and Windows adds up to around $400. He said, and I quote, “I stopped paying $400 for windows and Office licences” which means the combination of Office and Windows.

            2. A lot of games can be run on Linux via Wine. If not, most Linux users dual boot into Windows to play said games.

            3. A vast majority of web servers are Linux based. Without providing hard numbers, you’re merely supplying unsubstantiated conjecture.

            4. Chromebooks are perfectly fine for the previous netbook-crowd. They’re portable and cheap. As far as Office vs Google Docs, no one in their right mind will argue that Google Docs is superior in anything except cost. There’s a reason Apple got Office ported to their OS. The Skype brand was built before Microsoft purchased it, and, to be frank, it’s costing Microsoft an awful lot of money.

        • mike

          MS makes SD? And they make video cards too? WOW – here I’ve been running Windows on non-Microsoft processors, video cards and SSD all this time? Thank you for making it so clear to me how dumb I must really be.

          • Sean

            He never said Microsoft makes SSDs, or CPUs, GPUs, etc. He was saying he no longer pays for primary software (OS and Office suites) and uses his saved money to purchase higher quality hardware. Unfortunately that Toshiba had a Windows license he already had to pay for, but he may have gotten a refund from Microsoft for it. Of course it’s a moot point anyways because one Windows license lasts an eternity. I’ve never had an OEM license rejected, no matter how many time I’ve upgraded the same system. Every couple of years it’s no longer the same computer, but Windows hasn’t rejected any of my keys.

    • NGM123

      never met anyone b4 who loves getting spammed. U sir win the internets.

    • grs_dev

      @David I see the following letter arriving in your inbox

      Dear David,

      We’re regretfully inform you that your health insurance policy has been revoked. Your Gmail activity indicates that you’ve been purchasing Viagra from unauthorized sources in China.

      Your Health Insurance.
      Powered By Google

      • Harry

        Quite rightly so !! Why should insurance cover anyone taking dodgy chinese pills ????

  • stylist

    Pradeep what statement are you trying to make with that hairstyle man……….it looks like you took a picture of bill gates speeding mugshot to the barber………….get it sorted or gtfo, it’s an embarrassment to geeks the world over.

  • Otto Gunter

    The people posting to this thread need to take a chill pill. Now. Yes, all of you.

  • Apollo Wolfram

    Of course this is nothing like embedding ads into core windows 8 applications…

  • async2013

    Microsoft are hypocrites pure and simple

  • smek2

    “Yes, for the first time ever, an email provider spams their own users with ads.”
    I do hope that’s sarcasm, because the email provider i use for 10+ years now, does this since, well, 10+ years now.