Microsoft Takes Subtle Jabs At Apple During Surface Pro Event

At a press event in New York earlier today Microsoft executives took subtle jabs at Apple. The Redmond software giant’s CEO Satya Nadella addressed a comment made by Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2012 about Windows 8:

“You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those aren’t going to be pleasing to the user.”

During Nadella’s introduction at the event he stated:

“We clearly are not building refrigerators or toasters.”

Surface leader Panos Panay also took the opportunity to respond to a quip by Cook last year:

“Our competition is confused. They’re turning tablets into PCs and PCs into tablets. Who knows what they’re going to do next?”

Tim Cook road not taken

As part of Panay’s slideshow he had a sign showing two distinct paths, showing Apple is taking their users in two different directions while Microsoft is taking the right path.

While I’m sure your average person does not care about these squabbles, I’m grabbing popcorn.



  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    Making tablets into P.C.’s is something Microsoft has been doing since they bloody invented the first tablet, tablets have always been meant to be P.C.’s, but Crapple decided to load a phone O.S. on it… (–_–) Also all Apple really ever does is insult the competition, when Microsoft would do that they’d get bashed for it, just more reasons to hate Crapple… (–_–)

    • donzebe

      Many do not know that Microsoft and it’s OEM’s have been working on tablet-PC long before the web-pad or net-pad ( ipad ).

    • Sean D.

      Even worse than that, people have looked at the sales of the ‘i-whichevers’ and automatically deemed it as the standard, or benchmark. By doing that they have effectively choked innovation. Because now if anything is done, or created that DOESN’T fit or mimick the “i-mold” then it’s not *right*. So devices like Windows Phones, or the Surface tablets that are incredibly well done, and crazy productive get negative press because apple didn’t do it first. That’s why I urge people over and over to ignore the blogs, and “writers” because they simply don’t know what matters. They truly don’t get it, and they can’t write with their biases in their pocket. Everything has to be “i-compared” and that is fine… but it’s never done in an honest way. It’s always skewed in a way that says “well apple does this and that one doesn’t, so apple is ‘better'”. Never puts proper focus on what other OS’s do that apple doesn’t, or can’t.

      • Bugbog

        Actually, and funnily enough, the bias towards favouring Apple viewpoints is actually diminishing. It’s the bias towards favouring Google’s (sometimes) sloppy directions in Android (and mainly) Chrome that is starting to take over.

        Since the release of RT the ever loud chorus from the tech circus has been:

        “RT doesn’t run full Windows 8”
        “RT is too limited/only Store apps”

        “RT will confuse the ordinary user”

        If this were applied across the board it would be still be disagreeable, but a somewhat objective conflict of viewpoint. But then a lot of the same writers turn around and state that Chrome is really useful and serves the basic user’s needs!

        What?! Chrome?!!

        ***Sorry. The writer will not be able to finish his comment; his head has exploded!***

  • 790

    Cooks statement was a bit idiotic as a toaster and fridge don’t even share the same primary function, a tablet and a pc do. Cook clearly doesn’t understand convergence.

  • Bugbog

    You left out the second Jab at Apple (and probably one at Samsung too!) When Panos was demo’ing the capabilities of the Surface Pro 3 to multi-task full applications (Final Draft inking & Video re-play) he said (about the 51min mark)

    “…this is side-by-side computing, there are rumours of side-by-side computing, but this is Windows; no tricks, no gimmicks, it just works! and it’s super-powerful.”

    • skruis

      Yep, caught that. One thing that I thought was a bit funky though is that on the Surface Pro 3 page, they compare the SP3 to the MacBook and claim that the SP3 can run split screen apps but the MacBook can’t….I guess that’s true based on your definition of “apps” but it’s kind of funny that they say a “windows”-esque operating system that clearly supports multiple applications at the same time can’t run “split screen”.

      • Blaze Blue

        Yes it can

      • Bugbog

        In the pure sense of the [spilt-screen] definition I guess the MacBook can’t.
        Sure you can ‘jiminy’ two non-web applications together till they fit side-by-side. But in terms of the simple drag-and-drop capability of Windows 8.1 to utilise the full screen for side-by-side multi-tasking, no it doesn’t.

        • skruis

          Yea, it’s just an iffy argument like … as if they added another bullet point that said the SP3’s keyboard can magnetically attach to the screen but the MacBook’s can’t. Technically, yea, that’s true.

  • tomakali

    imagine how this guy introduces surface pro 3

    • rebirth82

      lol. He’s crazy but I couldn’t stop watching or laughing. I felt like he was comparing my 925 to my wife’s note2.

  • icanhazinternet

    I feel like Microsoft alienated two distinct user groups right from the start of the event:

    1. Panay steps on stage and essentially says “we acknowledge that 96% of the most popular tablet user base (in the US) also carries a laptop” and then breaks into telling them why they are wrong.

    2. A Surface Pro 2 user now has buyers remorse less than 8 months after the announcement for that product. Why would they purchase another $1000+ device if we are running on 8 month product cycles?

    • skruis

      I think you kind of had to be on the lookout to be insulted to actually be insulted. For my part, I think Microsoft simply presented this as a better choice … moving forward and by releasing a new device with a larger screen, implicitly acknowledged that the previous Surface devices fell short in that regard.
      As far as buyers remorse, meh. You kind of give up on the idea that ‘this will always be the best’ when you start investing in technology. Besides, there’s nothing stopping you from listing that sucker on eBay and Microsoft even kept the price of the SP2 at the same level….how nice of them. I’m sure it was because they wanted to give their ‘loyal’ users the opportunity to sell their SP2’s for a decent amount.

      • icanhazinternet

        Ha, it is probably because I was so disappointed there was no Mini announcement that I spun it that way. I love my Lenovo Carbon X1 laptop and my Lumia 920. I was just hoping for a powerful, secure, one-handed tablet I could use to consume information when I’m laying around on the couch.

    • Bugbog

      Actually, I feel that they are rewarding buyer intelligence. They provide you with the best device possible as soon as it’s available.
      Not insult you by giving you a feature limited device this year, only just so they can include it in the “refresh” for the next year’s upgrade cycle.

  • Blaze Blue

    With the comments about “We clearly are not building refrigerators or toasters.” that sounds more like a jab at LG or Samsung the only two companies that would make refrigerator’s or toasters.

  • Ruufus

    Tagline: “Your tablet is your PC. Your PC is your Tablet.”
    I live this daily with my Surface Pro. Unplug my audio jack, power connector, HD video jack and my Surface goes to work. Done.