Microsoft Talks About Designing And Engineering Surface 2

Microsoft today posted a short video where Ralf Groene from the Surface team was discussing about how they designed and engineered Surface. Ralf Groene the design head of Surface team, he leads the industrial and interaction design teams.

In this brief interview, you’ll see the total focus on a great final experience as Ralf talks through aspects of the Surface 2 that range from precise manufacturing to the antenna cover to the fabric used on Type Cover 2 to the chemistry and physics of grease-repelling surfaces that minimize fingerprints.

You can now buy/order Surface 2 at Microsoft Stores and other select retailers now.

Source: Surface Blog


  • Bill

    You only have to try connecting the power cord once to know that this focus on design was completely, totally absent there.

    • auziez

      I personally don’t have a surface, but seeing people complain over and over and over again about this…. How hard can it be to connect a power cord? lol

      • Wtechrover

        It’s also fixed with Surface 2 and is now best in class. People can start complaining about something else now.

    • GG002

      It’s not the best contact in the world, and simply putting a more powerful magnet in place that aligns the power cord better would work. But it’s not horrible, and it definitely beats having a very tightly stuck plug that pulls the entire tablet off the table when someone trips on the wire. That’s the point of a magnetic plug.

    • Wtechrover

      Get a Surface 2. Connecting the powercord is not like with the original Surface RT. With the Surface 2 it’s very easy now. Totally fixed now. Love it.

      • GG002

        Great news!

    • nohone

      The first week, it took a few tries for me to get it connected. Now I have no problem.
      On the product that competes with Surface, I have had to buy a number of cables. They easily snap off in the device because of the way the back is angled not giving it enough support.

  • PoohGQ

    Love my RT but seriously Microsoft, can you please concentrate on the tech inside as well?? You could have given me GPS, NFC, LTE – things that a road warrior like me needs..!

    • kcmatt

      Check out the Nokia Lumia 2520

      • PoohGQ

        Unfortunately, that’s the only choice I’m looking at currently. I love my Nokia L710 and want to get me a L925 but I really like the design of Surface.

  • Guest

    May as well talk about Surface 2, sure as h@ll they can’t sell any of these turds!

    • Otto Gunter

      That might be your opinion “Guest”, but I bought one and am loving it. Mind you, I don’t expect it to replace my desktop, but it complements my W8 desktop perfectly. SkyDrive and synching rocks!
      Go away and troll somewhere else now…

  • GordieFlash

    Enough talk, when is Microsoft going to give us a real tablet instead these trying to be both tablet and laptop stink fest that ends up being half ass at being either.

    And yes go ahead and flame me call me troll but look at sales and I am proven correct!!!!!

    • GG002

      It’s funny you should say that.. Microsoft is definitely not failing with the tablet itself, it was their horrible marketing and distribution that crippled the tablet. Want proof? Apple is copying Microsoft now with productivity, both on tablets and phones (which has caused a severe crippling of iWork). I won’t go as far as to call you a troll, but you definitely are totally clueless about the development of this kind of technology.

      • GordieFlash

        Hey brain trust here is a bit of insight ; marketing and distribution is Microsoft responsibility!!!!!

        Furthermore it really hard to market a product when you can not decide if it is a tablet or a laptop or a tablet or a laptop…So you end up talking about a wop-de-do kickstand or how many sensors are
        in the fricken keyboard as if the average buy gave a crap

        • GG002

          You need to get a life

    • nohone

      Sales do not prove you correct, because iPad sales are dropping. Two quarters ago they started a quarter where sales were down 14%. Now people would like you to think that this was because a new iPad was “right around the corner” but there wasn’t, people knew it would be a while, and it was, it was 6 months before Apple would release a new iPad. Last quarter sales were flat, and that was at an already lower number. Apple will have a good quarter with the new iPads, but sales are not increasing like they used to in the past.
      Second, as GG002 wrote, Apple once mocked Microsoft over Surface and Office. Now Apple has their own productivity app suite for iPad, and they are willing to sacrifice the desktop version to get there. They gutted desktop iWork to make the iPad and desktop versions the same, and their users are not happy about it. It is obvious that Apple does not care about their desktop users, and with a steady to declining iPad market, that may not do them many favors.
      Third, Tim Cook has been, for two years, telling us with every chance he gets that Apple has some new product just around the corner trying to keep the stock market interested and keep their stock floating. But after two years there is nothing. There are rumors of a watch, but they will be late to the market with that. There are rumors of a TV, but it is a limited sales potential – people will not throw out their TV every other year like they do with their phones. WHat Cook is building is a Ponzi scheme – here is something, give us some money and you will have something better by this time next year. And so the product shuffle continues, promises of next year with nothing really new arriving this year, and next year it will be the same.

      • GordieFlash

        It know nothing like you that keeps Microsoft frm building really great products! Rather then calling them out for crap full of compromise like the surface you. Hangs the subject and talk about the Fruit Cup Co. or Droid Toys. But go ahead but let me remind you that when Microsoft does a product
        well it sales and I show you the Xbox as evidence.

        But you go ahead and continue to off
        excuses for sorta kind of
        Tablets no wait it is a laptop no it is tablet no laptop no tablet that since you bring it up the Fruit Cup Co bad quarter sold more in one week the Microsoft sold surfaces during the last quarter.

        Grow a pair and expect more.

        • nohone

          Could you please rephrase that so it doesn’t sound like you have been drinking all day since that first post?
          The only part of what you wrote that was near comprehensible is this belief that Microsoft can’t make up their mind if it is a tablet or a laptop. Here is the answer – it is both if the user wants it to be. A few years ago Apple had their “Think Different” campaign, well, you need to think different. Surface gives you what you want when you need it. If you need a tablet, detach the keyboard and use it as a tablet. If you need a laptop, attach the keyboard and use it as a laptop. I use mine in both modes depending on my needs at the moment, and rather than carry two devices I just use one. Because you are too stuck in the old ways to think outside the box is not anyone’s fault but your own.

          • GordieFlash


            It us MSFT that is stuck with old mindset that you can be productive on a tablet and you need some BS Labet to give you the best of nothing.

  • NegLewis

    There is something that people forget.
    ARM it’s a great architecture.
    On iOS and Android ARM is ubiquitous/ under the radar. Non Relevant as an architecture.

    On Windows people know a slow CPU can do – or cannot do… AND the first thing they do is to compare ARM with x86.

    What MS needs to do is to release a road map for ARM Tablets: From ARM Architecture point of view:

    Q3 2013: Dual core, 2 GB RAM

    Q4 2013: Quad Core, 4 GB RAM,

    Q2 2014: Quad Core, 4 GB RAM, 64 Bite Arch.

    Q2 2014: Quad Core, 4 GB RAM, 64 Bite Arch, 128 GB SSD.