Microsoft Talks About Powering Sochi Olympics 2014 With Windows Azure And Microsoft Business Solutions

Azure OlympicsDuring the commencement of Sochi Olympic games, Microsoft announced its partnership with NBC to stream thousands of hours of content to millions of users. Today, Microsoft highlighted the work they did with Sochi Olympics games. Various Microsoft technologies like Windows, Windows Azure, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft ERP, etc, were deployed to run this huge event successfully.

“It is a great recognition and honor for Microsoft Russia to become a supplier of the Sochi Olympics. Microsoft technologies ensured that the innovative Olympic Games in Sochi were organized at the highest level and, in our view, contributed to the establishment of a new technological standard for large sports events organization in Russia and the whole world. The website powered by Windows azure will give the opportunity to Organizing Commettes of the next Games to benefit from the experience and architectural solutions developed by Microsoft and other technology partners of the Organizing Committee “Sochi 2014”, noted Nikolay Pryanishnikov, the President of Microsoft Russia.

For the entire duration of the sports events, the following statistics detail the success of the website powered by Windows Azure:

• During the period of staging of the Sochi Olympics, more than 100 million visits hit the official website.

• The maximum number of visitors was from Russia, USA, Canada, Ukraine and France.

• The Figure Skating and unofficial Medal Standings attracted greatest interest.

• At peak load, more than 175 thousand visitors were on the website at the same time. The difference between the peak load and minimum load was 15-fold

• They browsed webpages with live results generating more than 90 thousand requests per second.

• More than 5 million users visited the website daily. They viewed more than 30 million pages.

• Windows Azure was used to provide information from mobile devices based on any type of platform (more than 6 million of app installations).

• Overall, during the Games, users viewed more than 500 million pages, generating more than 25 billion requests to Windows Azure virtual machines.

• Microsoft Enterprise Services designed and developed the web site solution, and had a team of 23 people standing by to assist 24/7 on site.

Read more about it here.

  • Bugbog

    Why weren’t they called on for the Obama Care website?

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Because Obama is an Apple-fanboy, I’m not even joking, BlackBerry & all his staff has a Mac, I’m sure that Obama wants an iPhone the moment he could switch. (>_<)

      • reKitab

        Ditto:) I’ve always suspected Obama is an Apple-fanboy.

      • Guest

        As usual, you have no idea what your talking about and want to create some false sense “poor Microsoft” everyone is out to get them BS.

        Fact is long time Microsoft manager Kurt DelBene was just recently recurred to help the US Government with the health care website.

        Apple makes great hardware, MSFT make back end services, one does not have to fail for the other to succeed.

  • Kruegerman

    I have to say that the video streaming was fantastic, but the website was very poorly-organized. It was difficult finding anything on that site. I don’t think Microsoft had anything to do with the website design, as it didn’t appear to have been done with ASP.NET.

  • Gaploid

    Looks like Russian Microsoft have created two official wp apps too that was power by Azure.

    “Microsoft, together with partners, developed a unified interface to news and results of the Games for various mobile platforms, which allows access to the Games’ news (its with infrastructure is deployed at in Windows Azure), as well as two mobile apps for Windows Phone platform: Sochi 2014 Guide and Sochi 2014 Results. These two apps have been listed in among the Top 20 free applications at the Windows Phone Store in Russia and were installed by more than 1 million people.”