Microsoft Talks About The Amazing Technology Behind Bing Image Search

Bing image search experience is one of my favorite web service that I use often. Microsoft today blogged about the Bing Image search quality providing us a behind the scenes look into how Bing is improving image search quality by exploring some additional techniques that they are employing to deliver high quality image results.

Bing listed some of the techniques they use in deriving Bing Image search results,

  • Understanding Image Quality
  • Understanding Objects
  • Understanding Color
  • Filtering Image Characteristics
  • Faces, Shoulders and Bodies
  • Understanding Image Style
  • Better Image Quality by Smart Cropping
  • Better Thumbnail Visual Quality
  • Building Hero Image Experiences

For comparison with Google, check the images above. First one is the Bing image search result and the below one is from Google.

For example with a query like “photos of yunnan”, where Yunnan is a beautiful resort in China, users expect to not only see relevant but also beautiful images that include the breathtaking scenery that define the region. Below you can see Bing’s image search results.
Bing Image
In contrast, Google’s results predominately showcase maps.Google Image

Read about in detail with examples here.

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    Bing is simply better than Scroogle at certain things, but often when you’ll go into a discussion with people they’ll claim that Scroogle is better at EVERYTHING, and many of them haven’t even tried Bing, they have often tried some random ”nameless” search engine that comes pre-installed with some new applications/programmes, and call it Bing… :-

    • hushv

      You are right but most people are naturally lazy. That’s why Marketing is needed to educate the customer on what is possible. Majority won’t bother to figure things out on their own.

  • FUD Hater

    Bing’s video search is even more impressive.