Microsoft Talks About The Design Of Xbox One In A New Video, Teases Halo 5 Game In It

Microsoft today posted a video on YouTube talking about the design of Xbox One gaming console. They were highlighting about the seamless integration of Xbox One hardware and software through a unified design language.

The design language, which uses a series of tiles and fluid motion, is steeped in the same DNA as Modern UI, the unifying language shared by Microsoft products like Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface.

It draws inspiration from 16:9, which is the number that describes the width-to-height ratio most common in today’s high-definition wide screen TVs. The aspect ratio is naturally pleasing to the eye, and synonymous with cinematic presentation and the living room entertainment experience, two qualities that the Xbox team wanted embodied by Xbox One.

The video also teases the upcoming Halo 5 game. Microsoft is expected to reveal Halo 5 game at E3 2014 in June. Another video titled Xbox One Design “Tell” talks about the journey of the people involved in Xbox One design. Watch them here.

  • Rico Alexander

    I missed the Halo tease.

    • NicolaMantovani

      Me too

  • Mark Matheson

    With all this engineering prowess, nobody thought the ESRAM bottleneck was an issue? It is one thing to say they will eventually work around it but what could have been had they not created the issue?
    Also, why the slow hard disks? Surely faster drives would make for a smoother interface. It’s frustrating how much the system judders when you snap and unsnap something!
    And no, I didn’t catch the Halo tease either!

    • Frohawk17

      Well they lack creativity or knowledge to make a decent looking machine and no universal hdd slot at least the system is litterly useless for me , I am a performance man not a limited tied down man , there is nothing that could improve xbone , since hdd upgrade is out of the question ? 500gb wont last but a week in real time uses , I loved how my ps3 could take a 500gb and love even more how my ps4 holds 1tb sshd

  • Tbone117

    Pause it at 51 second and check out what Pit Bear is doing.

  • Frohawk17

    No no no u cant just do a apple style video and get away with it , honestly the vcr design is huge and ugly , xbox has a new reference ( Huge)