Microsoft Talks About The Making Of Design Of The Surface (Video)

Microsoft today posted a new video talking about the design of Surface. The Surface for Windows RT sports a great build quality which provides you a feel of a high end of watch finish. Also the Surface was designed to withstand drop in 72 different orientations! Yes, Microsoft even demoed that part in its launch keynote few days back. The Surface also features a built-in kickstand, two cameras which can enable you to take notes and record a lecture at the same time.

Have you bought your Surface?

  • alukard

    I’ve paid for one, I’m just waiting for eventual delivery next week.

  • Kitab

    “…Have you bought your Surface?…”
    No, I can’t, ‘cus I live in the wrong country:(:(:(

  • Agha

    They should’nt talk so much about! They should: SHUT UP, take my money and give me my surface tablet. Pre-Orderd on day one of pre-order, got an 26th delivery confirmation and still waiting for it. Called 5 times no-one knows anything and and every time they give another information….MAN MS-STORE YOU SUCK

  • nbr123

    I got mine yesterday and its awesome! Never thought I would be infactuated towards windows

  • guesttt999

    Surface brings the game back to Microsoft. It’s just an amazingly engineered device.

    • Agha

      You lucky guy. I wish I got min too…

  • KennyB123

    I dropped my Surface yesterday. I had only had it for 2 hours. On a HARD surface. I was scared out of my freaking mind to pick it up. Someone would have to look HARD to find where it hit the corner of the device. Amazing! I won’t be “testing” it like that again anytime soon, however.

  • ナルトファン

    nbr123, you are lucky! Did surface RT get update?