Microsoft targets Yahoo for Hotmail converts


It is a common misconception that Gmail is the biggest email service, but the truth is that Hotmail is largest internationally with 364 million users worldwide, and that it is second only to Yahoo Mail in USA, where it is pretty dominant.

Microsoft is apparently not resting until its dominant worldwide, and is targeting frenemy Yahoo Mail in an effort to convert users.

The site, which touts better security, fewer ads and less limitations on attachments, also a handy guide for switching from one to another.

See Microsoft’s Move to Hotmail page here.

  • Anonymous

    This is correct. Gmail has under 30% marketshare both in the US and Worldwide. Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail combined make up 70% of US market, and over 75% of Worldwide webmail market. Both Microsoft and Gmail also offer cloud mail services for universities and government agencies, I believe.

  • WixosTrix

    Hotmail has really gotten a lot better. I actually recommend it over Gmail now. I like Gmail and I will continue to use it for my professional and important stuff (since I already had it for so long). But now I mainly use Hotmail with my address. It’s way more consumer friendly in my opinion.

  • Eingoluq

    they already got bing in yahoo search.. now they want mail too? leave them alone!

  • Yasir Alam

    tsk tsk MS… poor yahoo… I know they’re dominant, but you should really go after gmail, their demographic is the one you want, and I’d imagine them to be growing pretty fast even if they don’t have the largest market share at the mo…

  • Yasir Alam

    I actually found the ‘skeptical about switching’ page at that same website a lot more interesting. I’ve got to say, they didn’t put up a lot of those vacuous self-serving soft questions against themselves that most companies will put up. That’s what I like about a lot of the direction MS is taking lately, they’re their toughest critics, and is shows a lot of humility I think. Reminds me of the page they launched trying to garner support to get people off IE 6 their ‘friends don’t let friends use IE 6’ tagline was just awesome.