Microsoft teams up with Google to take down patent troll

trollUnusual bedfellows Microsoft and Google have joined forces and have jointly asked the Delaware circuit court to invalidate a 1999 patent held by GeoTag, a shady company who’s main asset is a $119 million patent for "Internet organizer for accessing geographically and topically based information".

Microsoft and Google asked for declaration of invalidity of the patent asserted, judgment that Google’s and Microsoft’s customers do not infringe any valid claim of the patent, and "a preliminary and permanent injunction precluding GeoTag [and affiliated persons and entities] from suing for infringement or otherwise asserting infringement of the [patent in question] against customers of [Microsoft’s and Google’s] Mapping Services for store locators or other locators on websites."

GeoTag has been using this patent to sue up to 397 different companies, many of them clients of Microsoft’s and Google’s Bing service, and if Microsoft and Google fail, they are likely to be next in line.



  • Dhaoracle

    This is ridiculous that the courts are still allowing Geotag to sue all of these people over a Patent that is widely used throughout the internet and basically become apart of the ecosystem. That is like Motorola suing every other OEM on the planet for making cell phones. It is just ridiculous and an atttempt for Geotag to infringe companies out of money instead of trying to work with them and make a better product or service for the future.