Microsoft Teases A New Mobile Device, It Will Be Revealed On June 23rd

Nokia X Teaser

Microsoft Mobile division’s official blog today posted a teaser with the following text,

Summer brings out our inner glow…

…stay tuned to Conversations to find out what we’ve got in store.

Since the teaser is in green and Nokia has always associated green color with Android/Nokia X series in the past, we can expect a new Nokia X series device on Monday. As per the previous leaks, the Nokia X2 Android device will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor, 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage. The device also scored an AnTuTu benchmarking score of 11827.

Also, Microsoft is reportedly fixing the glaring UX flaw in the X series devices. Currently, Nokia X devices only have a back button on the front. As most of the Android users are used to having a home screen button on the front are finding it difficult to use the device. As per the report, Microsoft Mobile division is expected to release new Nokia X series devices with home button on the front of the devices.

  • MoinAnjum

    Why don’t you guys post a single source? or are these your own assumptions?

  • NGM123

    Seriously, does anyone proof read these articles? The grammar lately has been nothing short of diabolical.

    • Maddenlover 88

      agreed, to many spellies!

    • Pradeep V

      Sorry for the inconvenience.. Point noted.

  • koenshaku

    wake me when the new Nokia flag ship device is going to be announced.

  • Hapradeep

    June 24th actually. Can’t you count?

    • big_Stefano

      Well, if you’re in the West Coast of America, or even in Alaska, it’ll still be the 23rd :)
      But for the other 90% of the world it will already be the 24th when the countdown ends. But to be fair, Microsoft’s hometown will still on the 23rd when the timer ends!

  • bibleverse1

    Have these devices been selling well?

  • Joe_HTH

    Why are they even doing this. They should have killed this device.

    • bibleverse1

      I think it would be better to make wp8 devices as cheap as possible. To me the forked android is limiting without access to the google play store. I know you can change it but I dont see the value for Microsoft to continue to sell these devices.

      • Mike E. Delta

        You should mention that to Amazon…lol

        • bibleverse1

          To be fair Amazon has 200000 apps in amazon app store


    Still hopping for Cyan/WP8.1 as the lifecycle for WP8.1 is due to start on the 24th June 2014

  • XB_Mod

    so excited….NOT.

  • Omar Jimenez

    i think its something about Xbox and mobile

  • TheCyberKnight

    Don’t get too excited. Second generation Android phone.

    • Mike E. Delta

      Seriously wait for the third one lol

  • jeremy griffin

    Did your site author bother to think it may be the “Green” Nokia Lumia that was hinted at over the past few months? The Nokia Lumia “refresh” as the called it for at&t.