Microsoft testing a new more Metro Bing look


New above, old below. Click for full-size.

Agha has written to let us know that he noticed a new look to the Bing result page which only lasted a few minutes.

He did however manage to take a screen shot, and the changes appear concentrated in the header. The new design appear to feature the starker boundaries and lack of gradients more typical of the Metro design, and moves the Bing logo to the right of the screen rather than top left.

Agha notes the design was pulled soon after, and it is not clear whether we will see this rolled out to everyone eventually. Microsoft is pretty famous for their A:B testing, where they roll out competing changes to a random selection of users and see which one results in the best performance.

What do our readers think of the new look? Better or worse? Let us know below.

Thanks Agha for the tip.

  • Troy Schuster

    New one is much better – more efficient use of space.

  • Pradeep

    This is working for thousands of users. And still available and its a incomplete design, has lots of bugs.

    • Anonymous

      most definitely, they better make this shine cause right now i prefer the old design.

  • Atin

    This is old news…already working for me so many days….

  • Misak Ghazaryan

    i prefer the original html5 redesigns, the ones shown off at wwdc and the ie9 beta launch

  • Jelle Damen

    much better!, i never liked the image background within the header menu

  • Anonymous

    This has been up for a while now, it works really well though, but I think it’s just the new html5 version.

  • Johan Nilsson

    Never seen this, and probably never will, since I live in Europe.
    I like it though.

  • Anonymous

    It’s actually the new HTML5 version of Bing that Microsoft is testing. :) Here is a video of the new look (hoping it’s alright to post this link):