Microsoft Testing New Feature Called Bing Saves, Allows You To Bookmark Search Results

Bing Saves

Microsoft Bing team is always exploring new features in Bing to small set of thousands of users to study their behavior, usage, etc,. We previously reported back in September last year about a feature, when you search something on Bing, you will now find a small icon along the sides of each of the search result. You just need to click it once to save it to your personal collection. This feature never made it to the public. Today, Neowin reported a variation of this feature called Bing Saves. Again, Microsoft is just testing this Bing Saves feature to a set of people. But, you can access it at

The other image shows how each page looks after it has been saved to the Microsoft account. There’s a Modern-style UI on the right side of the Bing page, showing specific categories such as “Trending” and “Public Feed”. The page also indicates that saved pages can also be dragged to the toolbar.

bing saves 2


Source: Neowin

  • Emi the Strange

    I saw it sometime ago, when I was searching for something. I had to do a complicated search so I was testing using US region and it looked cool. although I wouldnt use much, it sounds like something useful, because sometimes I find a nice result and I close it without putting in favorites or something, so I spend more time trying to find it back.

  • hysonmb

    I’ve been looking at the page for a couple of days, but, really just started using it this morning. Now I get the use case, it’s social web browsing. Users Save and can tag sites where other users can then comment, like, share, etc. If this goes to a full release and they advertise it properly, this could be something that wins some people over. Instead of using a search engine to find results relevant to what I’m looking for, I can search for something like #XboxOne and find those sites that real people are talking about:
    This has potential.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Personally I hope for Bing to get more features, because those features will eventually end up being integrated in Windows and Windows Phone, Bing Saves looks that it could easily be integrated with the ”Bookmarks” application/programme of Windows 8.1 (Blue) which already is hugely favoured and praised, Bing is looking in the right direction, Bing can ALMOST do ANYTHING Google can, it even has a whole long washlist of features that Google doesn’t have, and often it seems that Bing is ”bloated” compared to the more streamlined Google Search, but the whole reason I use Bing is because of its plethora of features, but it should have ”killer features” that Google doesn’t have, something like Google’s upload an image and find similar images, the only reason why I ever still use Scroogle.